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  1. GTH I think SK is Otis. But SS, AV, and maybe J23 would be my other choices. If there's a final scum still it's someone inactive like Zfetch probably, so let's wait and see if the godkill goes through.
  2. Zfetch just as likely to get GKed. I still kinda think Otis is a decent SK candidate because of his TL fixation. I've done something similar before tbh - find a scum, don't push too hard because you're hesitant to get noticed, get annoyed at others for not seeing it, and then just killing them yourself. SS fits as SK. He seemed gleeful to see Qwags go down - it wouldn't make much sense for him to take a victory lap if watching a teammate go, but if he was SK thinking he had a lifeline then yeah. I don't know if he kills TL though? I guess...why not. J23...eh, maybe? He probably needs to die if this game goes too late, but otherwise I don't know if I really feel it. Tanev...? Hmm. Pretty solid play for a newbie SK if so. AV might fit as SK. I...actually can't think of a good reason atm why he wouldn't. Conversely, nothing damning him either. But...this might be a thing. Intoews...don't want to think about it tbh. Late game kill.
  3. I honestly haven't given the game much thought today - probably won't be very active this weekend at all. Lemme think.
  4. SK is probably Otis, actually. He spent 2 Days voting TL when no one else was discussing him, then suddenly TL winds up killed.
  5. I keep forgetting Qwags is even in the game, which is probably not a great sign. But I don't think I put him below the other three in my POE. I think our targets have been mostly spot on with the exception of Falcon, and so we should stick with it until we go wrong. Qwags and J23 are names I'm sort of kicking down the road a bit.
  6. SK might only get a kill every 2nd Night. Or it might not be an SK at all but some other mechanic.
  7. Tanev and Bo might just be town. Voted Falc (town) D1 then NIK (scum) D2. So if they were playing with an agenda of saving NIK they had the opportunity to do so D2 as well but didn't take it. I might need to double check timing/context of their votes, and it certainly wouldn't be unheard of for scum to decide their partner was doomed and bus him next round for cred, but I might be willing to slide them into a light townlean.
  8. Because that's what scum on CDC do all the time - vote each other because it's easy and you don't risk getting into an argument with a townie that way. I'd actually feel better if you came on to randomly vote off-wagon on a town tbh. That would serve no purpose if you were scum. But popping in to randomly vote a teammate and then avoiding any real wagonomics? Pretty classic scum tell imo.
  9. Oh and maybe AV. That vote on Falc D1 was sure convenient and his later insistence on NIK could be TMI-y. I've liked his energy in general but maybe he's just the one active scum swimming against the tide of lucky/toews/me.
  10. Well then, turns out the game's just easy. SS, Zfetch, Otis = 1-2 scum for sure. Do we think there are 3 or 4? I've been assuming 3 because that's how many there'd be in a 15er on MU, but I'm remembering now CDC has historically had a higher scum ratio so it might be 4.
  11. Although actually it's the same four slots off wagon as last time. History repeats itself. Let's hope J23 bucks the trend.
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