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  1. A townie doesn't say this after a successful D1. A wolf who wants to try to integrate themselves into the towncore does. Players have been vomited onto the page. I think BJ just outed his partner BJ too.
  2. Let's just yeet BK next and go for the sweep.
  3. 'What gives' is just pure shade, and then he tries to soften it with a humorous follow-up so as not to come across too pushy.
  4. Lucky is again pointing at a minor thing someone is doing and blowing it out of proportion.
  5. BK / Lucky / BJ Good starting PoE. Everyone else do more stuff now. Imma sleep.
  6. Omgus vote followed by unrelated irrelevant comment. Still scummy.
  7. No he's not. He's done one or two minor things that could be concieved as scummy. You're too focused on a single early read.