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  1. I mean, I felt that the townies were finding each other. It was only a matter of time. Wolfing on CDC is hard if the townies come to play.
  2. I'm going to treat this as genuine, and just say that, yeah, this happens. We all tend to get to this point eventually. I actually played probably less than 15 games here between 2015 and 2020. Life was busy, and I had other interests, etc, but also it was partially because I kept dying early, or, later, getting heavily suspected for no good reason. It's annoying, even if I know it's just a game. A year and a half ago I rediscovered my enjoyment, and partially it's because I've massively scaled back how invested I get. That's not to say I can't up my game when the chips
  3. BK hasn't fully mastered wolfing yet and has been caught on general tone and such in offsite games. So...not a bad choice tbh. But, Unvote; vote Qwags. Good night.
  4. I should be able to inform you guys of Michelle's alignment eventually.
  5. @DarthMelvin Again. Shut up and stay out of it. You don't know Alison, so stop passing judgement. It had nothing to do with you, so stop bringing it up and making yourself involved. The parties who are actually involved have said their pieces, made their decisions, and we've moved past it. So just...stop.
  6. I don't like marmalade but the rest of that sentence is accurate to my life this morning.
  7. I was serious earlier about not remembering what BJ's handling of me means for his alignment. He's done this before - calls me scum before I've done anything and then tunnels into it all D1 - but I can't remember if that's his scum strategy to get rid of me or town him trying to pressure me or whatever.
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