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  1. Guys there's an easy solution to the Great Slanking Problem. Just figure out which slankers are scum and which are town.
  2. AV, pretty sure Aladeen is mafia. Double check?
  3. I'm sorry I don't speak wolf. Gn.
  4. I mean I'd accept Fetchy, but I want to dip now so make sure you have the votes if you guys go that route; don't want to vote split.
  5. Beluga Whale was viewing the thread.
  6. I'm off to bed. Wolves, remember to leave me alive so I can tunnel whichever name in my PoE I'm wrong about.
  7. Guys please just chop Aladeen with me.
  8. My confidence level on J23 (80% ish) is lower than it is on Aladeen (100%) and Zfetch (95%). I'd rather we flip one of those two first still. There's still a world where J23 is just town who is reading the game poorly.
  9. If you are truly town, don't you dare vote Sane until after we flip Aladeen, Zfetch, and J23 (and/or SS for that third one, depending on how the rounds unfold). Sane could easily be scum. But he has like 7 posts and they're all completely NAI. The aforementioned names are all obviously better choices to resolve first.
  10. That is, by definition, over confident in a game where you are supposed to be uninformed. And your reasoning for that is...? You can't just throw out three names and say 'there's one wolf there'. That's meaningless. It sure does. I have caught many a wolf in my day through language alone. Our brains are naturally adapting to having TMI/knowingly lying and we end up wording our fake thoughts differently than real ones. It is, I'll grant you, an unreliable method on it's own; some people just 'sound scummy' even as town. But it does work sometimes, particularly in conjunction with other reads.
  11. Yeah, pretty sure we are actually.
  12. I say we should resolve one of Aladeen or Zfetch first. If we get even one confirmed red, chop the other, and move on to J23. Please avoid the LHF of Sane until there are no better options left. Get him in F3 if we get there, but it would be a tragedy to chop him before at least two of the better candidates.
  13. Oh wow. Thanks for pulling up that post Bo. So we've got *Overly confident reads with poor rationale ('locked for me') *A player salad (Z/S/Q) of which he is 'going with one between [them]' - er, why not all three? Why just one? How do you know there's only one scum there? *Some appeal-to-what-others-are-doing shading of the slanker slot (Sane - 'beenc alled out 10 times between a few different posters') *Language like 'I wouldn't be opposed to a potential deep wolf' - I don't think I have the brain power atm to explain why this sounds like a wolf talking, does. *A lacklustre attempt at a 'derp clear' on number of scum
  14. Veto. Sane is a terrible choice right now. We have much better options on the table. Sane is going to end-game and should only be chopped if the other options are definitely townier.
  15. How is our crack team of codebreakers coming on those AV puzzles? Crack team? ...