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  1. That’s a dirty play, no question about it. I hope he’s not marchand/kadri-ish all the time but I love seeing that edge from him. Maybe we got a guy that will go apesh*t in the playoffs and have the monster games you need from your support players.
  2. What a dream for the arena announcer. Can you imagine how hard he’s going to be able to belt out Hoglander in a starting lineup call. I could probably get a pretty good one off and I’m not even good.
  3. Anyone hear Bo’s interview on sportsnet radio? Said something like it’s good to see a guy like that that’s “almost nhl ready” haha. Just Bo’s opinion from practicing with him but still pretty cool.
  4. I don’t understand this. They play tomorrow morning. When is the roster deadline?
  5. It still allows us to protect someone else. Maybe allows you to keep Leipsic in the end... but even if it is Sutter. He could still be a decent deadline deal in his contract year.
  6. Totally. Expansion eligibility is priority number 1. As long as that game limit posted above is true I say burn that year off.
  7. I completely agree. I was just responding to the point made of it being better for us if he doesn’t burn a year. I think it works in our favor if he’s the real deal. You could luck out and end up with a 30 goal scorer that only eats up 3rd line centre money against our cap. In the years when we’re realistically trying to win too. but yeah.. He said he’s loyal but you never really know. He’s also extremely proud of where he’s from. I don’t want to take any chances and leave time for dreams of signing back home to creep into his head.
  8. Unless we land Dahlin and get fast tracked closer to contender this year. I kinda think it might be better in this case to burn a year off. Gives him 2 years to earn the next contract as opposed to 3. Who knows how good he really is but let’s say he is the real deal. That third year could be the difference in a 3 million dollar second contract or 5. Assuming Wanless is correct about expansion eligibility, I think it has the potential to help us more than anything.
  9. I just listened to that interview on 1040's Twitter. Man was he pumped up. Pierre basically took control of the interview before they could ask him questions so he could rave about Gaudette. He went off and said he's the steal of the 2015 draft. Also said there's a few future NHLers on that team, some real good players but Adam Gaudette stood out. Loves the way he explodes and attacks when he gets the puck on his stick. I was was doing fist pumps in the garage listening to it haha. Someone should post it in here from Twitter. It was really good. Says 15-20 goals from Boeser is rea
  10. There's 2 now, one on tsn 1200 too. He's unreal lol. You feel like your listening to the greatest hockey player of all time when he opens his mouth. I can see why Willie and Lou lost their minds over this. I'm absolutely in love with the guy already. Give him the C.
  11. Chara won't fight him.. He's too big haha
  12. I watched Chara in junior and he wasn't very good. My friends actually got to practice with him a few times when their minor team would have some cougars at practice. They said he was a terrible skater. They were like 14 and blowing by him. Thing about Chara is he learned how to skate well enough and use his size and reach. This tryamkin fella already has decent skating according to the scouts so he's just gotta figure out how to be a mean SOB and perfect his 12 foot reach stick checking.
  13. I'll give u a hand with that haha if this guy turns into a monster #1 we are winning the cup with Demko Horvat McCann Virtanen Kassian Shinkaruk and the gang. Captain grey beard Bieksa raising it
  14. good call on konopka hahaha.

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