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  1. Quite an underrated pick. Pair him with Horvat maybe and they should do wonders.
  2. HockeysFuture lists Hutton as 6.5C - a third pairing blueliner. How accurate is this?
  3. My hope is that will not come true, Lu being the best never to win. They will have to replace Gallant with a better coach, the Panthers have the personnel to win, but the coaching is suspect.
  4. Yeah, you see the Sedin's reliance on cycling makes them easy to defend - all you have to do is cut off the passing lane between them (not like Gretzky who wouldn't exclusively pass to Kurri, or take the shot himself), or play them physically. A north-south Virtanen on their wing should complement them by at least warding off defenders, or even helping altar their usual game.
  5. Jake Virtanen I believe is just the perfect linemate for the twins. He's a right-shooting power forward (who can complement left-shooting Daniel Sedin). Combines physicality, speed, and a laser of a shot, he can make nights a lot easier for the twins by either opening up space for them, warding off any pesky trouble-makers or physical blueliners, or simply giving Henrik Sedin another passing option. He could even make the occasional Bure-rush breakaway. I say, if possible, give him a shot at the bigs this year - he might stick. If he does, trade Vrbata and get some salary cap space (or a good
  6. Heading into the draft, it seemed like Jeremy Roy was the concensus first pick among the fans. We needed an offensive defenseman badly and Roy seemed like the ideal fit. In hindsight, if we did the draft over again, who would have picked Roy over Boser?
  7. VanNuck

    Tate Olson | D

    He has the tools - of course there is no guarantee he will, but he can. And you're missing my point, Tate with his tools probably should have gone higher, still no guarantee it will pan out, but it's a promise. Count on the Nucks to develop him in two years to be a great blueliner.
  8. VanNuck

    Tate Olson | D

    Three words for Olson: Hakan Andersson steal. I just cannot believe anyone could have got him at 210th overall. He's a great player, has all the tools to be a future Chris Pronger - he just needs to keep up his work ethic and strive to get better.
  9. Like many others, I would have picked Jeremy Roy, but after assessing Boeser, I am impressed. Great character player, very good skill set, similar to Virtanen. Overcame much adversity, willing to get up and press forward.
  10. I certainly would draft Virtanen if for nothing else, he is a hometown boy. Two questions though, I wonder how does he fare as a character, and what is his leadership/team play rating? Secondly, if he is every bit as good as you say he is - and I've seen other reports that conclude so - will he be available by the time we go up?
  11. I say Neidermayer for coach. The guy is an excellent teacher, developed the young Anaheim players into what they are today, helping put them back on top. Also a BC boy and one of the greatest winners of all time.
  12. Yeah, I'd keep Torts, mainly if they keep the Sedins, and most of the core. Personally, I actually want to see a full-scale rebuild, trading away the entire core, rebuild through the draft, and I don't know if Torts will want to coach a team that projects to lose next year.
  13. I would rather play a Canucks style hockey, than emulate the Bruins (or anyone else). Emulation doesn't win, leading and setting your own style does. What kind of style? Rebuild through the draft, shed old stars for new. Attract free agents Don't have time to give a full lineup, but headlining this Canuck style hockey would be these guys: Top line: Reinhart-McDavid-Jensen/Lucic First pairing: Day-Hamhuis/Garrison Starting goaltender: Price Put this team against the Bruins, McDavid will (properly handled) zip right through them. Marhant can try beating him up (but he pro
  14. I think Lucic would appear on an ESPN special with Jim Gray, and tell him, "This fall, I'm taking my talents (as UFA) to the Pacific Northwest and join the Vancouver Canucks."
  15. Nooo, don't buy out! I think Garrison is an underrated hockey player. Would love to keep him, maybe try an pair him with an elite defender (if the Nucks went through death valley and took lottery picks, I would draft Day and pair him with Garrison). They could complement each other quite well and Garrison would be lethal next to this youngster (like Keith and Seabrook).
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