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  1. The team is not JB though. The team is the the group of guys he goes to war with every day. Why would he act in such an “unfriendly” manner towards them? That’s a Petey that I don’t recognize from all I’ve seen and heard. What is it that gives you this special insight?
  2. Can’t say definitively that this is a team friendly deal or not until games are played. I’d say the risk is mitigated because of the term and reasonable cost but whose to say this isn’t an overpayment when the player is on the IR or is consistently exposed on the ice.
  3. I suspect I’m going to regret this observation but are you seriously suggesting that JB knew he had been fleeced in the deal and that “five” minutes later he was covering up for the mistake by using the term “foundational”? My sense is that this isn’t tongue in cheek (despite what you might protest) and that this is just another cheap dig on your part. And don’t spend the energy breaking down the deal and subsequent contract to Sutter …. we get it, it wasn’t good, not a highlight on JB’s resume, etc, etc. You are making some serious aspersions here. Playground st
  4. Agreed that urgency is intensified but I’m not convinced there’s much compensation or term to gain in this situation.
  5. I think JB is already fully aware that there is a possibility. I just don’t think you can draw blood from a stone. JP Barry knows this as well.
  6. If JP Barry and his client Petey are determined to move on from the team and make a tidy windfall then I suppose a big offer sheet would be advantageous. If Petey wants to stay, if he is willing to sacrifice for the team, if JP Barry is hoping to reach a satisfactory outcome for his other client, Q, then he can’t possibly be of the mind to gouge JB when he is fully aware of how much capital is available for the both of them.
  7. Yep, and one relatively poor year and they do the exact same thing in the opposite direction. It’s why we should always both temper expectation and expect young players to somewhat rebound to statistical norms.
  8. The most important question ….. do I drop him immediately from my keeper pool?
  9. I’m simply pre-determining the villain in this saga by suggesting the source of any negotiating machinations are likely JP Barry’s doings and not Petey himself. I’ve also suggested elsewhere that, as he represents Q as well, manipulating this particular pressure point is not a wise tactic. I think you are right about JPB and expect this episode to be marked by satisfaction on both sides ……. but I’ve been wrong about situations like this in the past so …
  10. Here's the thing though ..... if said essential player is forcing you to overpay, thus impacting other business/maneuvers that need to take place, I for one show him the door. What is the point of laying a foundation with such a "me first" attitude. An "essential" player is also one who understands the importance of compromise and has the humility to realize that they aren't bigger than the team. Petey will not disappoint. JP Barry on he other hand ..........
  11. So JP Barry squeezes all he can for his client Petey but then when it comes time to close on Q, there's nothing left and his client has to accept the scraps? I don't know how smart that is. BTW, I don't think its in Petey's character to act with such mercenary detachment from what he must see are the tremendous challenges of building the team that brought him into this league. Also, can't imagine the Twins have not acted in an advisory role to bring this all to a satisfactory and logical conclusion.
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