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  1. The eye test says it’s Hasek everyday. Teams in Buffalo were not defensive juggernauts so he had to literally stand in his head many nights. No offence to Plante and the like but put Hasek behind a stellar defensive team and no one touches him in this category. Now, I might be wrong, but I’ve trusted my eyes over the years and Hasek did things no one else before or after has even come close to physically matching. Wins and shutouts and Stanley Cups are TEAM accomplishments. Positionally, historically, physically, there’s no one better than the great Dom.
  2. Leave out the intro and first verse. Crank it after that and you have a raucous, rocky, immediately catchy tune with a compellingly appropriate lyric that you can scream out at that ultimate moment. You can all cease your music searches now
  3. Don’t need to quibble with the majority of your points but what does making the playoffs because of Covid mean exactly? By winning percentage they were “In”, fair and square. This narrative needs to end. Let’s keep to the facts.
  4. I agree with most of this but I do think it’s closer to 3 to 4 minutes rather than years. The last time this strategy worked was the ‘67 Leafs.
  5. But this has gone beyond following her or not on line. If you can’t see the collateral damage here I don’t know what to say. And yes, I would like to stifle her persona and I’m not 70.
  6. Is the Wennberg family entertained by this video? Are they laughing along when hear about the different holes she has available for their father and husband to occupy? Did they ask for this type of attention? Did they ask for the hurtful commentary they are now receiving on line directed to their family and kids? I think this is an affront to good taste and a vile personal attack. A line is crossed here and Sheila should be ashamed. Her hard on for this player should have been left in the recesses of her mind, or left in diary, or even shared with her friends over a cocktail and not made public in this manner. It is disrespectful and it crosses a line that unfortunately has not been made clear to many in the on line community.
  7. That the tenor and tone of this video is disgusting is pretty obvious. That there will be those out there who support this type of behaviour disgusts me more.
  8. Just waiting now for the analytics post(s) to cut your take to shreds.
  9. DJ tries to pander to the sensibilities of the many “casual” fans that frequent the lower bowl and luxury boxes. Seems like DJ is trying to entertain rather than rouse, which, in my opinion, is the job of the DJ. I can literally think of a hundred tunes that are more appropriate for a game/arena setting, songs that never get played but with a little research, could be added to an effective, uplifting, rousing playlist. I understand your downright embarrassment. Your take here is on the mark.
  10. I’ll be quite satisfied to read the many accolades coming PB’s way in the next few days than to dwell on the drivel coming from some of the posters on this forum (do they need naming?) In all seriousness, the disrespectful and purposely uninformed tone says more about you as hockey observers than it taints Bergeron’s reputation. I’m a hockey fan and I hate the Bruins with an almost all-abiding passion but come on now, to not see this players greatness is laughable and makes me think you know nothing about this game at all.
  11. Everyone’s forgetting Dougie Halward’s hat trick in the playoffs against the Lames!
  12. Wow. I might have got a bit of spit on me from that response. I guess hate is your flavour then. I won’t ramp you up any more.
  13. You’re embarrassing yourself by suggesting Rutherford made a conscious choice here. I’m projecting, and this might the wrong take, but does your hate on for management have any limits? The number is not retired. I think the club has done a nice job recognizing the contributions of the previous generation of players. Why not celebrate that instead of insinuating villainous intentions?
  14. Get ready for pushback on the “small tiny” characterization. He might be fairly described as short, but he’s neither small or tiny. He’s borderline fireplug thick and quite sturdy.
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