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  1. Maybe your not aware of the sometimes condescending tone of your comments and takes? I don’t know. I certainly appreciate your energy towards trying to educate the “dumbfounded minority” and I see most of it as good natured. I, for one, have never been particularly dumbfounded by the reaction of many in our fan base however. The impatience and histrionic over reactions swirl around in this market and, to be honest, always have. We all feel owed something when we become Canuck fans and clearly, on these pages, we witness many posters at a breaking point waiting and hoping for the payou
  2. I’m wondering if I should even care about comments coming from part time observers from outside markets ? I’m curious if anybody on these forums ever feels the need or considers themselves expert enough to make pithy remarks about moves other teams make (aside from doing so within the relative anonymity of the CDC)?
  3. Don’t know what his availability is like for this market but I, for one, am waiting eagerly for an explanation/rationale from Button to account for VPod’s considerable drop in the rankings.
  4. But they did indeed make the playoffs even though without that last win they might not have. It was your definitive assertion that they would have missed the playoffs had the season been completed fully that piqued my interest. It seemed like you were assuming they would continue to hiccup and flounder all the way to game 82, and I always find that kind of certainty from a fan/follower compelling.
  5. Your level of certainty is confusing since they didn’t actually play the whole season. Is this some kind of new analytics that I’m not aware of?
  6. yes, with, I'm confident to say, a slightly higher expected return.
  7. I'm just not sure they're even considering firing JB while at the same time allowing him the freehand to make long term contract decisions. He's FA's man, like it or not!
  8. Not sure about this. I don't always like the plan but this signing shows that JB definitely does have a plan and that is to have Tanner Pearson lead us to unparalleled heights in the playoffs for the next 3 years! Seriously, this move is an adjunct to his original plan to shelter the younger players as they take on more prominent roles. In a year or two I suspect TP will have a nice spot somewhere on the third line where his consistent play and professional attitude will be appreciated. .
  9. A year too long and one day at a time. That's some tough math.
  10. This is the type of signing that is pulled off by someone who is absolutely secure in his job. The Fire Jimbo momentum has been effectively stifled by this announcement. FA has spoken!
  11. Some of us, while generally supportive of JB’s management, come by our fretting honestly. “Highly reasonable” is slightly effusive praise I think (although you no doubt use the term to describe this particular scenario). I’m hoping for reason. I just don’t like the idea that we have to be the ones to set the market for borderline top six wingers (effusive praise?) by signing Pearson right now.
  12. This is part of my issue, the premise that we "need" to pay him. I just don't think he is going to come at a bargain price whereas there will potentially be several players of his ilk and skill level that will be looking for work this summer who likely will be available at a relative discount. I'm all for letting him test the market before being the team that willfully sets the parameters of that same market, prematurely.
  13. Strange, but I have neither an affinity for nor a strong dislike against this particular player. He's never moved the needle for me in the sense that I would, with all other options open, make him a sighing priority. On the other hand, if I was a GM looking to round out a top 9 forward group and had in mind a responsible playoff proven winger with the ability to get hot and pop some goals, Pearson would be somewhere near the top of my list.
  14. The question I wrestle with more these days is if we are becoming more selfish. Is dancing drunk and in close proximity and on top of tables in a Big White pub an act of stupidity or is it a case of blatant disregard and conscious shelfish behavior? I have growing concerns that it is the latter that is going to challenge the human race more in the near future.
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