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  1. I do wonder what actually constitutes the “flock” from time to time. It seems to me that those that are endlessly buoyant and and positive might be in the minority in these challenging “Canuck” times
  2. Unbridled hope is also part of the real world is it not, as is your informed negativity? I would say you tend to be a tad full of yourself at times but then ... Smiley Face!
  3. No, it’s just about the normal amount of stupid actually ….
  4. If and when this usage, with this player specifically, becomes a pattern, then I will share your concern. Until then, I support Coach Green and his deployment of this roster.
  5. Amigo? Is that really you? This take is way over the top and head - scratchingly reactionary. You sure someone isn't ghosting this account? This is where you go after one, 1, one game? C’mon, tell me some pseudoamigo is at the controls. It will make me feel better.
  6. Who are you not forgiving? The player, after knee, back and hip surgeries or management, who were first unable to foresee these debilitating injuries and then failed to insure that the player recover from these serious medical procedures?
  7. If I was older it would be the Beatles but for someone of my vintage I’m going with XTC. For me, It would be important to choose a band that does not limit themselves to a predominant single style or sound, even if they are prolific (probably especially if they are really prolific). XTC cuts a wide swath through late 70’s to early 2000’s eclectic pop. I could easily listen to them without getting bored until the end of time! I suppose Radiohead would do in a pinch with this criteria in mind.
  8. But …. If you’re playing a pick up game and you have the choice of either TT or JT, who are you going with? In regards the title of this thread, I know who I’m “taking”.
  9. Tanti is going to win this poll and that’s fine with me. No one can convince me, however, that you’re going to win with Tanti (and they didn’t). I know, we haven’t won anything with JT either (yet)
  10. If I’m captain, and I’m picking my team, and I’m trying to win, I take JT almost every time. If I’m looking at the best stats, it’s TT, obviously. Watched many a Canuck game live at old Coliseum in the eighties. No disrespect but Tanti was not a needle mover to my eye. As dynamic as his goal scoring skills were, he was a floater. Further, if not JT, Donnie Lever would be my selection.
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