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  1. Is $600 a lot to spend on a watch?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Drive-By Body Pierce
    3. Baka


      Yes. Watches are a waste a money. The purpose is obsolete and they are just a fashion statement. You might as well just get a knockoff or cheaper smaller name one.

    4. nux4lyfe


      Agreed with Ghostsof1915 , G shock ftw.

  2. Alberta isn't so bad with a little bit of this and that

    1. Intoewsables


      "this and that" = copious amounts of alcohol

  3. Has anyone ever bought SRO tickets?

  4. Does the revolving restaurant play the Canucks game, or is it more of a peaceful setting?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Squeak


      There is a thing called a phone.... you can use it to speak to someone who works there and ask.

    3. SkeeterHansen


      I dunno Squeak...that sounds an awful lot like social interaction..

    4. PowerIce


      But, but, but, I'm socially awkward. So I come to CDC like you guys.

  5. Contemplating wearing my Canucks jersey in LA tmrw....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Durl Dixsun

      Durl Dixsun

      Wear it with pride.

    3. Aladeen


      I wore mine last time I was there, got some friendly razzing but ended up talking to people I never would have. Lots of great people down there

    4. PowerIce


      My comeback will be "You guys probably don't even know what a hockey puck is" & flip my short hair & walk away.

  6. Does this mean WN will be fun again?

    1. EmployeeoftheMonth


      has it been fun since they brought it back?

    2. Master 112
  7. How long does it take for a jersey to get numbers stitched on?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      Depends on where you go. Don't go to the Canucks Team Store. It friggen takes 2 weeks just to have em iron it onto the jersey.

    3. allkill326


      Ikr. Canucks Store just takes too long.

    4. PowerIce


      "A day?" Are you answering my question with another question?

  8. Anyone down for CDC Poker on Pokerstars after the game?

  9. who is fgoiong to fight dunacan keith, thread was locked. status updates cant be locked so lets begin the thread here bohys. who? who? tell me who?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aladeen


      Ghandi? the Dali Laama? Maybe Keith is a victim of spousal abuse and it will be his wife.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Kassian has Kieth penciled in for facial reconstruction during the first n 2nd period, cannot wait to see his handi work :D

    4. PowerIce


      Jesus, my first drunk status. PS it wasn't a week day, it was game day..

  10. Who would you rather have, a healthy Kesler or Ryan O'Reilly?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Durl Dixsun

      Durl Dixsun

      Healthy guzzler

    3. PowerIce


      Thanks. Proved how ridiculous my argument was with my Avs fan friend.

    4. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      The Ryan Kesler we knew in 2010-11.. Not the injured Ryan Kesler..

  11. CDC Poker on after the game tonight, sign up! Yanno you wanna.

  12. Anyone down for some Poker tonight? Sign up thread in CN.

  13. CDC Poker tourneys tonight! Sign up free beer

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