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  1. I wanted a fuel efficient car, I kind of have one now... 08' A4 Audi 2.0t. It's great on gas when I drive efficiently, fun car for sure. I'm looking to tune it up and put a completely new exhaust system in.

    I would really like an RS5, but I will settle for less......

  2. I think that was expected. Also heard today that Mike Reilly has a tryout with the Jaguars. I sure would like to NOT have to play against him in the coming years. Hope he does well!!

    I was kinda hoping he'd get snagged up by Ottawa. I wish him the best, however.

  3. Jesse Newman took the majority of the reps at right guard on Friday at Lions practice at BC Place. Newman is expected to start on the offensive line after Dean Valli suffered a set back to his injured knee earlier this week, although Head Coach Mike Benevides said he’ll likely make that decision tomorrow.

    “Yeah he had a little bit of a set back,” said Benevides of Valli. “It’s one of those things where some rest will help him, and we’ll take a look at it tomorrow.”

    Meanwhile, Cauchy Muamba is expected to return to the line-up at safety after suffering a concussion in the season finale against Saskatchewan.

    There was also a lot of talk about Mike Reilly as the back-up quarterback has dyed his beard bleach blond for the playoffs.


  4. Wish Tate was the starting QB. He isn't very good. Anyone know how cold it is going to be at the game?

    I'm fine just wearing my jersey & a shirt underneath. I take my jacket off at the game. Will feel a bit cooler than room temperature. The roof will likely be closed because it's raining Sunday.

  5. Looks like a lot more than just the 3 rows are sold, corners maybe. Trust me, the place will still be rocking. Expect to see around 42,000 for the game.

    Lions really need to change their pricing structure for upper bowl tickets. They charge the same price to sit on the 50 yard line for first row as they do to sit in the bleeds. Should reduce upper bowl seats by half to get people into the stadium.

    Makes no sense.

    I paid $48 (including fee's) for tickets in row 3! :lol: What a deal. Their in the end zone, but still pretty wicked. And they're the same prices as everyone else in the end zone. I only bought them last Wednesday.

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