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Status Updates posted by PowerIce

  1. CDC Poker at 10PM, sign up!

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    2. mau5trap


      Yeah, I'm just about to pass out, got 6am shift at work tmrw. No worries, soon enough.

    3. Beluga Whale

      Beluga Whale

      no game at 10?

    4. PowerIce


      ahh isn't eh? my bad

  2. CDC Poker Tourney #2 at 8:45!

  3. CDC Poker at 8:15PM, sign uppp!

  4. CDC Poker, game 2 starts at 10:45!

  5. CDC Poker at 10pm! Sign up/Register

  6. CDC Poker tourney at 10pm!

  7. New Poker tourney at 11:45!

  8. CDC Poker in 10 minutes, sign up!

    1. diesel_3


      Yes! Came 2nd in my first ever WN poker tourney lol..Thanks for the game, fellas

    2. PowerIce


      GJ! Proof anyone can play :)

  9. CDC Poker at 6:30 PST! Sign up/Register

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    2. PowerIce


      Got cancelled :( I forgot about it anyway's though! I'll make another for 8pm!

    3. -DLC-


      OK, in for that. :)

    4. PowerIce


      8:15 actually!

  10. CDC Poker at 11:15!

  11. New poker tourney in 25 minutes! Sign up/register

  12. CDC Poker in 10 minutes, sign up! Another at 10pm!

    1. 22Sedinery33


      Need your approval, signed up to the club.

    2. PowerIce
  13. CDC Poker at 10PM (I think). Registration is open to all of CDC FYI.

  14. Poker in a couple hours at 10PM! Anyone's welcome to sign up

    1. VICanucksfan5551


      You keep getting the time wrong. You set the tournament for 9 again.

    2. PowerIce


      Oh.... I'm in Alberta, that's probably why..... my bad!

  15. WN Poker at 10!

  16. CDC Poker at 10:15!

    1. logic
    2. PowerIce


      Coolio, sign up! I'll start playing more near the end of august, I work 6 days a week atm :(

  17. BC needs texas mickey's

  18. CDC Poker tourneys from 8-11 tonight!

    1. -DLC-


      I should be back by 9...will try to finally join you guys for a game!!

    2. diesel_3


      I might make the 10pm game!

    3. PowerIce


      Awesome! I'll tune in for the 9 myself, unless I fall asleep

  19. CDC Poker tourneys set up for 9-11PM!

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    2. diesel_3


      Where do you guys play?

    3. nuckin_futz


      check out the thread in White Noise.

    4. PowerIce


      PokerStars home games. Register & I'll accept ya in

  20. Some Poker games set up from 8-12 tonight. (Please join the 8pm tourney for me at least)

    1. Dazzle


      You mean the 7 pm tournament? :P

      I'm pretty sure I can join all the tournaments tonight.

    2. PowerIce


      24 hour clock confuses me -.- made s'more 9-11 tonight. I can't attend but I made em for the lazeh

  21. Who's down for Poker after the Lions game?

  22. I won't mind overpaying to get Doan. The time is NOW, not in 5 years. Our best shot is right now.

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    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      ^ What anything over 5.5 mil is absurd.

    3. Grape



      Other teams bidding at 7 mil

    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      ^ Wow that is crazy. He also wants a 4 year deal. He is 35 plus so the cap hit will still count even if he gets injured and has to retire early.

  23. Poker at 9:35 (real game)

  24. White Noise Poker @ 9pm!

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