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  1. Florida selects Angus Crookshank. @HighOnHockey
  2. Florida selects Florian Xhekaj. @Bob.Loblaw
  3. Florida selects Daimon Gardner. @HighOnHockey
  4. Florida selects Antti Tuomisto. @Bob.Loblaw
  5. Florida selects Mack Guzda. @HighOnHockey
  6. Florida selects Xavier Simoneau. @Bob.Loblaw
  7. Florida selects Dans Ločmelis. @HighOnHockey
  8. That guy was the luckiest SOB ever...
  9. I've learnt about the basics between term vs. whole insurance, but I don't understand the point of whole - both for: 1) How it even fulfills its purpose as 'insurance', and 2) for arguments sake, as an investment vehicle. Thanks in advance, everyone!
  10. Florida selects Arno Tiefensee. @Bob.Loblaw
  11. Florida selects Ruslan Khazheyev. @HighOnHockey
  12. Florida selects Samuel Helenius. @Bob.Loblaw
  13. Florida selects Matthew Seminoff. @HighOnHockey
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