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  1. So what if he's 22 and hasn't played an NHL game? He's a PROSPECT. I'm as happy as anyone that Hoglander has made an impact so quickly, but it's unfair to compare him to Lind just because they've developed at a different rates. It certainly doesn't mean that he's just waiver fodder...
  2. Leaving Lind exposed would be like throwing away a 1st round pick. Benning would have taken Lind with a late 1st had he had one in 2017. No way he lets Seattle take him...
  3. Looks a lot better now! Hoglander - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Podkolzin _______ - Miller - _______
  4. I forgot about Focht too. For some reason he's always the prospect I forget about... but he's a beauty and I think he'll make it one day. Unfortunately, Highmore doesn't have much of a body of work playing centre even though he's listed as one. Maybe the Nucks want to develop him into a more sufficient one?
  5. I forgot about Boyd... but is this what we'd want to roll with heading into next season? I see us keeping Boyd around - and maybe Sutter. Are we developing Lind into a centre for sometime down the line? My point is that we're pretty thin there. I don't think Gaudette was much of a loss in that respect. He was a total helicopter in last season's playoffs and I thought that there was no way he had what it took to develop into a reliable bottom-6 C...
  6. I'm most interested to see what our plans are for centre. Not much going on there outside of Petey and Horvat, so you'd have to think that something will have to give eventually... Matthew Beniers?
  7. So... based on the Nucks new schedule, unless Podkolzin stays over in Russia to play for the national team, he should be able to get in 7-8 games with us to finish the season. If we can win a couple extra games and the Habs continue to sag, Podkolzin might arrive at the perfect time for a playoff push.
  8. Lol it's not really 5D chess. I think it's a pretty obvious/transparent tactic... Maybe the collective low IQ of Twitter is in awe, but this isn't rocket science. Also @Squamfan, we don't come onto this forum just to be on twitter...
  9. Yeah. What, is this twitter vermin supposed to be of any significance to anyone? They are certainly not gospel nor worth listening to. No one actually gives a sh*%. Who cares what some 27 year-old burnout has to say?
  10. Between the likes of Podkolzin, Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, and perhaps someone like McDonaugh, no matter what capacity these forward prospects end up playing in for us, we're getting a nice influx of youth. It's starting to remind me of how the LA Kings keep quietly bringing in young players from the farm. Before anyone knows it they are contributing members of the team. Drafts like the 2017 one (Lind and Gadjovich) might seem so far and gone at times, but before we know it, these are guys that will eventually be in our lineup and make our team a heck of a lot deeper. Heck, Jasek is a 6th rounder
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