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  1. The only silver lining I can think of is that our division is absolute butts.
  2. Lam is fitting in so seamlessly. He plays with more range than I was expecting.
  3. Just gonna leave this here...



  4. Big boost for my fantasy team. Guy hits and shoots like no tomorrow.
  5. Benning did great adding Lammikko. Highmore was my favourite player tonight.
  6. People here will try to put as negative of a spin on this as they can, but I thought he was quite useless. Good riddance.
  7. I would be all over Zub but I don't think Ottawa parts with him.
  8. Marchand - Kane - Svechnikov Lindholm - Bergeron - Bjorkstrand Fiala - Radulov - Strome Hamilton - Jones Letang
  9. Have another drink, Lahey! I definitely considering taking Guentzel in the last couple of rounds, but those things that @Petey_BOI mentioned may affect his stat line. Not too shabby for a 6th round pick though haha.
  10. My team just got a whole lot more likeable. Patrice Bergeron and Elias Lindholm. @Western Red
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