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  1. An intriguing prospect, never heard of him but I trust in Benningtons scouting, but damn I wish we took a stab at Raty. A rough, weird year with Covid and a potential #1 drops to the second round, you gotta take a stab at that. And he just dominated that last junior tournament did he not? Don’t get me wrong I’m proud of this pick and stoked to see what the kid can become but I was still high on Raty despite the complete downfall he had with every teams scouting departments. This is one comparison I will have my eye on with Danny vs Raty for the next decade. Regardless Go Canucks Go!! Very exci
  2. Do you mean on JB’s thinking of QH future here? I don’t know where the thinking of trading QH has come from but it has no grounds to it. He’s an All star in his second full-ish season. Why are we thinking of trading him lol??
  3. Yes Nj would do that it would take Zacha + + like a Smith or Woods or Sharangovich and some picks. Not a chance straight up are you crazy?? Haha
  4. Really? Cause I think quite literally EVERYONE would be very shocked. Goalies going first is sooo rare and in a draft that is fairly weak in terms of top end talent, you would hear all about Wallstedt in that conversation. Top ten? Sure. 1st OA, not a chance.
  5. Have there been reports of him wanting out?
  6. I’m not basing this bet off of the first game. Even if it ended 3-2,1-0,5-4, OT, 2 OT, 3 OT, I’m still saying bolts sweep. Tampa has their whole roster with a plethora of playoff experience, as well with finals experience. Take each position W,D,C,G and Tampa has the superior player at each position, except for Goalie. Vasilevsky is not far behind imo. They just have such a superior team that is so much deeper. I just think that MTL has had a very hard fought and somewhat lucky post season and that they are over achieving very much so. Time will tell of course but regardless this is Tampa’s cu
  7. Is he really? He just doesn’t seem like it when I see him play. What makes you say he’s strong
  8. Boeser is not a heavy forward. He maybe be 6ft plus but he doesn’t play like it and doesn’t need too.
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