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  1. Thank god you aren't on our coaching staff lol, you put in the guy that gives you the best chance to give you the win. We don't have the luxury that vegas has in having a 1A and 1B goalie tandem. Demko will be good but his time has yet to come.
  2. Toni is eligible to play next year for the finns again I believe, and I think he'll have a top 4 role to lose.
  3. With 7 points in 3 games, Woo has been named WHL player of the week.
  4. I see a physical heart and soul guy who won't be afraid to lay a big hit to change the momentum of the game or stick up for his teammates. In other words, I see a lot of Kevin Bieksa in Woo.
  5. I am so happy rn, and you can see it in JB's face, he DID NOT think Quinns was gonna be there. Night made.
  6. Is TSN just playing the belarus game? I can't seem to find the sweden game
  7. uh oh, looks like arm or... shoulder
  8. That was a really solid rush by lockwood, he has that ability to change the speed of his game in an instant to shift in a direction and it looks really good lol
  9. Atta boy, you can tell he's gonna be a canuck for a long time.
  10. Lind if he has a solid start to the season and/or dipietro
  11. If strome makes it to philly's 2 picks this round i dont think they pass on him with 2 back to back 4ths
  12. dunno this kid, small defenceman, i trust the canucks staff's judgement
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