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  1. Just gives us Canucks fans another excuse to make to go along with injuries
  2. Is Myers someone we can rely in that role? I want him to succeed but he makes way too many obvious blunders.
  3. Any chance we bring in Marty Jones? Hometown kid who was bad with San Jose and hope Ian Clarke can coach him up?
  4. Don’t mind that at all. Hometown kid who has size and energy. As long as he stays away from fighting he could be very useful.
  5. What’s our penalty killing depth look like? So far we have Motte and Dickinson manning the first unit. Have to think Horvat/Miller will get some time in the PK role for their faceoffs. Highmore should see some time there and it all depends if we can groom Pearson/Hog/Pod into some PK time as well. The only thing that worries me is Motte’s health so if we aren’t comfortable with our depth we should go for a strictly defensive PK center who could preferably win faceoffs well. Not opposed to Sutter at the right price but he has injury concerns as well. Would really like to sign Getzlaf tho. His size and toughness would be welcomed in the bottom 6 and he has that Corey Perry veteran effect of a proven winner. He could also help our power play as well whether it be leading the 2nd unit or being set up man for our shooters on the 1st unit. Still has that elite vision and passing.
  6. Garland, Podkolzin, and Dickinson will be great upgrades to our forward group. Added speed and size which is nice. Number 1 priority should be a good stay at home RD with size. Continue to stack that defense as much as we can especially if Schmidt gets moved. Other than that, I’d like to see us add some toughness up front.
  7. Like the way Bertuzzi plays. Need guys like him who make smart decisions off the rush and pass the puck well. Would be a good fit anywhere in the top 6 whether it’s helping Horvat or setting up Boeser/Petey.
  8. Benning has always been the type to show his hand before playing it so it concerns me. Is there a situation where we get OEL and Arizona retains salary?
  9. Travis Green line combos make little to no sense most of the time to me. The defense is another story because right now it looks unfixable. But last year Travis made some decent adjustments to the lineup after we had injuries up front that actually produced well. Why didn’t he stick with those lineups and give them a fair shot all the way through? Miller/Petey/Virtanen was a line that was working once upon a time. I know rewarding an inconsistent player with more ice time isn’t sending the best message, but Jake is actually useless anywhere else. Also Zac MacEwan was working well playing with Bo in their limited time together last year, we need more big bodies in the top 6 to create some room for our star players. Would also be nice to see Justin Bailey in the lineup, he brings size and speed that we definitely need over Roussel. Doesn’t have to be a permanent change but we need to at least try to shake things up. Miller - Petey - Virtanen Hoglander - Horvat - MacEwan Motte - Sutter/Gaud - Boeser Pearson - Beagle - Bailey Just a rough idea.
  10. Don’t know what to think about this one. I don’t know how credible Sekeres actually is but I do remember him calling the Dahlen trade. There is a VERY slim chance he gets traded but just because JB said it isn’t true doesn’t mean I believe it entirely. What do you expect JB to say? Yes we’re trading top 6 player right before playoffs? Lmao
  11. I have great confidence in Demko. Sometimes I feel the team plays better in front of him and he’ll continue to improve as his workload does.
  12. I do like the offense that Barrie brings and think he would fit well in Green’s system but at what cost? I haven’t seen him play enough but will his defensive game hold up? I think the Canucks need a more physical defensive dman with mobility. Historically we win Cups with bigger, physical defense. I’m fine with giving up a bottom 6 forward and Stetcher but we can’t afford to give up more draft picks before we don’t have any left. Assuming we do trade for him. Maybe looking forward to next year if you want to re-sign Barrie, you try and get a hometown discount, get Tyramkin back, and cut Myers loose?
  13. Cmon now Stetcher doesn’t deserve to be put in the garbage bin with Hutton.
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