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  1. Travis Green line combos make little to no sense most of the time to me. The defense is another story because right now it looks unfixable. But last year Travis made some decent adjustments to the lineup after we had injuries up front that actually produced well. Why didn’t he stick with those lineups and give them a fair shot all the way through? Miller/Petey/Virtanen was a line that was working once upon a time. I know rewarding an inconsistent player with more ice time isn’t sending the best message, but Jake is actually useless anywhere else. Also Zac MacEwan was working well playing with Bo in their limited time together last year, we need more big bodies in the top 6 to create some room for our star players. Would also be nice to see Justin Bailey in the lineup, he brings size and speed that we definitely need over Roussel. Doesn’t have to be a permanent change but we need to at least try to shake things up. Miller - Petey - Virtanen Hoglander - Horvat - MacEwan Motte - Sutter/Gaud - Boeser Pearson - Beagle - Bailey Just a rough idea.