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  1. Are you scared of being next to someone that is unvaccinated ? And Alf you are the furthest from being conservative.
  2. It’s not a dumb argument. Trudeau loves Zi and China. That’s a fact.
  3. Well Castro admires Chinas dictatorship and his family has massive ties to Fidels communist regime. How is that not a red flag ?
  4. and what rights don’t the gays have ? You can do whatever the &^@# you want. Nobody is stopping you.
  5. I’m a supporter of gay rights, not a supporter of Castro. People that support what he has done to this country need their heads checked. So glad I don’t live in Vancouver anymore. Not woke enough to be there
  6. Trudeau can lick my left nut. Bunch of communists on here.
  7. If you research Agenda 2030, and Klaus Schwab The Great Reset, it kind of explains everything. It’s pretty messed up what some of these people want done. I don’t think we will ever see normal again..
  8. Love Biega. Hopefully he can get some time with the big club.
  9. Plays a big body style hockey. Defensive defensemen
  10. Went to high school with his brother. Brooks wood kid
  11. I wish you could still comment on the 2015 Sutter deal thread.
  12. Anisimov or Bonino. Get them cheap and they will be a hell of a lot better then Sutter
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