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  1. Leafs Twitter will explode if they lose this. I would looovvveee that.
  2. Hughes got hit hard. I’d rather him not get a long term injury during meaningless games. Bring up Woo at this point.
  3. Please please please give Lind some games. Management needs to suck up its pride and understand this season is done. Sit Hughes and Pettersson for the rest of the season and play the rookies.
  4. Now you are just trying to find excuses for Bennings piss poor management. I don’t understand why everyone is so worried about protecting Benning and Ownerships reputation. Sewer them like they did their own players. You heard Miller, you heard Bo. Why try to defend Benning ? I don’t understand.
  5. He’s not wrong though. Management showed their true colours and I have zero respect for Benning and co. Ownership can kick rocks for all I care.
  6. Miller has some backbone. I have no problem with what he said. Management and ownership are more worried about their reputation than the health of their players. Boggles my mind.
  7. So when is Sutter getting his new contract? Heard he wants 5x5 and Benning is willing to give it to him.
  8. Sources are saying Benning is after Nathan Horton and Marian Gaborik
  9. Will probably trade our next 3 2nd round picks for Milan Lucic
  10. Somebody take the phones away from Jim. He has got to go !
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