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  1. I agree that he is a big part of the problem (in spite of the points). But his hard ass balls to the wall style of play requires total motivation. His defensive play is horrible and that is where the moping shows up.
  2. If this is 2007-8 all over again, with a two-year lame duck period, maybe it would explain JT Miller’s moping. He will most likely not be part of the glorious “prime window”, meanwhile he will likely be traded prior to his contract renewal. His prime is right now, in two more years he will probably be ageing out.
  3. A Baer, an Ox and a Tuna... our second line shall be known as "The Zoo".
  4. Absolutely! You want your tough guys to have some psycho.
  5. Anybody getting irritated by the auto scroll that started recently? About 1/2 way down each page it just starts moving down on its own. Is it just me?

    1. brilac


      Yes, it was preventing me some posts last night.

    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Posted about this yesterday. Big pain. I find any page that has a twitter feed on it, all printed words underneath(twitter into), start running away!


      If there's no outside info(only regular posts)..it seems to be fine?

    3. brilac


      I meant it was preventing me from repping some posts last night. 

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