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  1. If we could not sign the softy Erikkson and stop pretending like this team has a snowballs chance in hell of having any success next season that would be great.

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    2. Magikal


      But you disagree with anyone who dislikes a move the brass makes. I understand appreciating that a lot of work goes into building an nhl team. As you said though, this is cdc where we all voice our opinions and since I always see you disagree with those who disagree, I think it's high time you provide a better argument than "have faith" and "trust the pros". Trading, signings and picks are a gamble no matter how much experience you have and we have seen the pros across this league make bone head moves so trusting them just because they are pros holds no water with me. And if I just wanted to put blind faith into something I would go back to religion.

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      just like you disagree with my, if i agree with some of your opinions, you'ld consider me a good fan and knowledgeable hockey person...i guess, i fail on both counts.

    4. Magikal


      I never said you were a "bad fan". I'm saying it's tiring seeing certain fans such as yourself blindly defend every single move a Canucks GM makes with no reasoning other than "trust the pros"

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