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  1. 30 minutes ago, Bure_Pavel said:

    Regular Doritos and Sun Chips HC both have really tough first round matchups


    18 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

    Sweet chili heat and sun chips hc against each other. A titan will fall early.

    Full agreement with both of these.


    Some controversial chips made it in and some brutal 1st round matchups.


    It's kind of Boston vs Toronto in the 1st round type of match ups.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, CBH1926 said:

    Having more fans than Chargers/Rams is like having more fans than Florida Panthers or Arizona.

    Your kicker is 12/17 for the year, so let’s not think you have Jan Stenerud kicking for you.

    Are we seriously comparing rookie that played 12 games with one of the best defensive players in the league?


    Someone sounds threatened :emot-parrot:

  3. 1 minute ago, CBH1926 said:

    Oh yeah, dust hole with population of 25 back in 1900 used for nuclear testing built by N.Y and Chicago mob.

    It has to suck when your team leaves their home turf to go to L.V


    At least you guys can catch music/magic shows and all you can buffets.

    Who cares about the kicker, with the exception of few they all suck.


    Mack gets double teamed every play so it’s not all about the stats.

    Crosby kid is good but give me a ring when he starts drawing double or triple coverage.


    Raiders fan not a city fan. We take over anywhere we go. LA still has more Raider fans than Chargers\Rams fans combined. I mean we could turn this into a city thing and we could discuss how Chicago cant stop shooting each other in the face but again, not a city fan so couldn't care less. All I know is I can go fly to see my team for a home game on the super cheap now.

    You know who says that about kickers? The team with the crappy kicker.

    Crosby is already drawing multi man coverage so ring ring baby girl.

  4. Just now, CBH1926 said:

    Running backs have very short life span in the NFL.

    Mack is doing well so thank you for trading him.

    How is that move to dessert graveyard going for you guys?

    Pretty good considering we got a new $1.5Billion dollar stadium, are now in a tax haven for free agency and have had the franchise's value more than double in less than a year.

    How's your kicker? He wasn't good enough for us .

    Congrats to Mack though. His sack tonight now ties him with our 4th round rookie Mad Maxx!!!