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  1. Yes but don't think any team will take that kind of salary back unless high picks involved...
  2. We don't want Connelly 3rd - 4th line guy 28 yrs old last 6 yrs points.. We should not be interested in Connelly we have enough bottom 6 guys.. Florida will not take these contracts back, no way Baertschi 3.4 and ( Beagle 3 million x 2... 25 points -- 2017 -18 23 points - 2018 -19 27 points' - 2017 -18 46 points ' 2018 -19 33 points - 2019-20 3 points GP 15 --- 2020 -21 season
  3. Hamonic was a good signing he has been injured only played 3 games and had 1 practice with team before his first game...Deal is great 1.25 million.. Benn -- Playing good this year and will be traded at trade deadline to playoff team ---- 4th rounder in return.... Hamonic, Myers, Benn add grit and toughness on the defence....
  4. Oh I honestly think Jake will flourish with new team....20 Goals --- 45 point guy for sure.. Jake just needs new coach and with his natural talent he will flourish just not in Vancouver...Playing with no confidence, he doesn't even use his speed and drive to net anymore..I notice him less.... I am a Jake fan but times run out in Vancouver.... Maybe if new coach he would get fresh start in Vancouver?
  5. I would like to see a Sam Bennett deal but Calgary want more in return? Heiden for Virtanen ? On the fence with deal..Heiden had 47 points in 1st season 3 yrs ago? Maybe playing beside Horvat he might fit...
  6. Trade deadline 2021.. Pearson -- Late 2nd rounder to playoff team.. Benn --- late 4th rounder -- Every team need defence depth for long playoff run...Benn has been playing good Sutter --- 4th rounder UFA --- by the team trade deadline arrives won't be much owing on his contract... Roussel --- 4th rounder - He should be trade not the same player after his knee injury...We have depth to fill his position... Virtanen -- Would only trade if we get player under 26 with upside ? examples -- Kase --to Boston last year... Ritchie - to Boston We need to get forward back... Virtanen 24- Rathbone -Boston ----Debrusk 24 , Frederic 22, 6'2 tough or Virtanen 24- Ducks ---- Danton Heiden 24
  7. Very true...Seattle will be following Kole Lind, Briesbois, Motte 24, MacEwen 24, Gadjovich
  8. So excited to follow the young Canucks and even more now with Canucks playing so bad....Rathbone, Gadjovich, Lind, Woo, Lockwood Such a great way Rathbone starts pro career with 3 assists.. Can't wait to see Rathbone in a Canucks Jersey..So exciting... Very excited that Gadjovich is also playing so well with his 6th goal in 6 games...I hope he keeps developing, very big gritty winger just what we need...
  9. Try and move some bodies for picks.. Edler will not play anywhere else...Maybe he will sign deal like Chara did a few years ago 1yr X 1.1 million?? Sutter -- very good player for team pushing for playoff run-- A team will want him this year UFA in summer ---- --Late 3rd rounder --worst 4th rounder Pearson 27 -- He is not getting it done playing on 2nd line --- Would not sign him for more then 2 million? Trade for 3rd rounder Roussel --- Trade for 4th rounder and retain 1 million... Gaudette--- Would really like to see Gaudette have 8 game look on wing beside Horvat....Could be that top 6 winger we need?? He is a winger., good shot, talented... Virtanen - 24 -- 6'1-- 220--- Must get a player back with upside under 26 years old...Jake will turn his career around with new team 20 goals - 45 point guy Burakowsky - look at how he turned his career around with trade... .Ritchie , now with Boston ---Kase, now with Boston
  10. I don't mind Myers game he plays aggressive and makes some good offensive rushes..In defensive zone coverage lots of time forwards don't help with coverage and not helping get puck out of defensive zone...The 5 man unit can be very bad at times and then D man and goalies are on there own...
  11. Hawryluk is healthy after being injured in training camp..He brings lots of energy , grit , decent speed.. Looks good for his first game this season....
  12. I would trade for either one of these player Max Jones 6'1, 23 ,- 220 lbs -- 1st rounder like Jake plays with an edge...Or Troy Terry... Deslaurier 30, 6'1, 215 lbs -- Very tough but he is 30 no thanks need to trade Jake for guy similar age group... Jake Virtanen scored 18 goals last season -- 69 GP - 18 G = PTS 36 -- We should get a player under 26 that has some up side... Some manager will be excited to get Jake.., Jake will be 20 goal scorer 42 - 45 point guy with new team.. Jake plays with even less confidence this year.....
  13. Hawryluk will play this year for sure...Was hurt just before season started.. Hawryluk will play no questions about it when he gets healthy again..
  14. I would like to see Gaudette play 5 games beside Pettersson, he has talent , great shot and will go to dirty area's.. Boeser - Pettersson --- Gaudette Hoglander - Bo -- Virtanen ----( Pearson )----- Podkolzin 6'2 , 210 --- soon Pearson -- Miller -- Sutter ---- ( Virtanen, Hawryluk ) Hawrylul - Beagle - MacEwen ...... Motte -- Bailey 6'4 speed, size, Roussel - Sit more Erickson -- Utica, ridiculous we even play this guy...Must be in Utica, we make it easy for him....UTICA , ride the bus, maybe retire..
  15. Hawryluk will add energy and grit with some skill..Once he gets in game shape and knows system he will help bottom 6 for sure... He has talent watched him in WHL, will add grit and speed....