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  1. its also about cap. Boeser 6.5 ?summer 2022---Horvat 6.5 ? and Miller 6.5 ?summer 2023 ---- Petey and Quinn summer 2024... Next summer we should have cap room Erickson 6 million, Roussel 3, Beagle 3 off books 12 million..
  2. I would trade Miller but really need young forward that has lots of promise and 2nd rounder... I would do it soon if your going to trade him..
  3. We have 6 top 6 forwards 1 petey 2. Horvat 3. Boeser 4. Miller 5. Hoglander 6. Podkolzin.. I don't think we have enough forward depth to trade Miller... We only had 5 top 6 forwards this season.. Unless we take back a up coming winger in trade under 25.... I am not a big fan of Miller showing his frustration in game, causes other player to feel pressure of making mistakes when playing on his line.
  4. Don't forget 10 million per season...... I think team like Calgary will make a real pitch for Eichel....
  5. BIG BIG NO--- 1yr left on Beagle and Erickon's contract??????? Giving up a 1st rounder Top 10 pick maybe # 6 or 7 overall in a good draft year ? this pick could be another Hughes or Petey?? This pick is playing here 10 year or more??? Can't trade away high picks bad for future.. Now if your close stanley cup team trading away 25th overall that i even tough.. Never trade top 10 pick to dump a salary will 1 yr remaining...
  6. Yes Jackets never offered Torts a new contract he has to walk... Surprised he lasted 6yrs.. Team lost lots of talent player wanted out, hard ass style, players stop playing for you...
  7. I think Rathbone will pass Juolevi before this season is over.. Rathbone - Elite skating - very high hockey IQ --Very offensive talent -thinks game well..Great passer, #3 D man soon.. only 5'11.. Close to Hughes Hughes 5'10 Need to support these young star with tough stay at home D men ...Example Hamonic.......
  8. PODKOLZIN will be a top 6 forward??? So what do you call top line? Horvat line will play more minutes then Petey's line depending on team and match ups. Green said he play Petey in all situations.. Podkolzin GP 16 - G 6 --PTS 11 -- KHL PLAYOFFS - lead his team in points playing 13.40 mins solid 200 foot game, gritty, size 6'1, 215 lbs, ,,Every Canuck game I watch we are missing this type of top 6 forward.. I bet you never thought Hoglander was going to be top 6 forward???? GP 48 - G 10 --PTS 24 ---ONly 20 yrs old.. Podkolzin is top 6 forward on skill alone, neve
  9. Big hard no I think Scmidt is a better D man making 6 million ---OEL making 9 million BIG NO Also trading top 10 pick ...Deal will never happen... . Van -OEL 9 million- X 6 yrs --- We have 2.8 million in cap space after signing Petey and Hughes BE REALISTIC DEAL NEVER HAPPENS.....
  10. So excited for next season.... 1. Miller --Petey -- Podkolzin 2. Hoglander - Horvat -- Boser 3 Pearson - ______ __-- Motte 4. MacEwen __Lind__ -- Gadjovich --- ((Russel Need to buy out.Not same player after knee injury --- Beagle ?
  11. I don't think we will have extra money to sign Edler and Hamonic.... Take Hamonic 2yrs x 1.9 million stay at home guy, tough, good with Hughes or Rathbone...
  12. I think you will get a better deal with term .. Hamonic solid #4 guy - 6'2, 210 lbs - 1.8 -- 2.4 million market...He will want NTC saya 10 teams as he want to play out west family reasons--- 2 or 3 yrs X 1.9 million - please sign ...
  13. I heard Rathbone might be playing tonight, so stoked another skilled young offensive D man will be close to Hughes with his skill...
  14. Rathbone and Hamonic together, Give Rathbone at least 15--18 minutes...
  15. Great draft year, Petey - Lind - Gdjovich - Dipietro --- Rathbone ...Unreal....
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