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  1. Sounds like a party in my pants

  2. Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare epicesauce

  3. Dude! Have you seen "Epic Rap Battles of History"? Sooo good.

  4. lol that made me laugh

    oh you so silly

  5. So much JB at Cultus yesterday. Then one girl stole my heart. And then I beat up her boyfriend and got kicked out of the Waterslides.

  6. The names change but the girls don't

    dat life lesson

  7. Dude's a CDC Piiiiiiiiiimp.

    Why always teh JB?

  8. In other news, I've locked down another jb :3

    Oh and I'm pretty sure that sully2cool guy has every girl on CDC

  9. dat special bond <3

    Haha, and I told her, just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score


    I promise you I'll pry her away

  10. They all just jelly at how strong our alliance is.

    Dat jb has a boyfriend who is a vegetable.

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