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  1. ahhhhh I had a blast Hardwell, the crowd was good too. However I Alesso has been the best this year to attend for me. The guy ratio was extremely high at this event I feel like opposed to all the other raves I went to this year.
  2. uhhh because the pictures taken are pretty nice and I wouldn't think someone would post so many pictures of themselves here.
  3. are twilight sparkles pictures real ... I am so confused.
  4. Yaaaa I heard alesso made an appearance which wasn't expected!!! So mad at myelf i didn't make it over in time. !
  5. Did anyone make it to the after party? How was it?
  6. Alesso blew my mind away holy. Squeezed my way to the front row and it feels like a bus hit me.
  7. I have pictures of a few people passed out at venues lololol
  8. Bought the third tier ones online ughh, 82.50 a piece but he will defs we worth it. I should have copped them during first tier but I was hesitant bcuz I have so many papers due and a midterm next week too! All in all I don't care if I get to him live lol. Anybody going to the after party?
  9. officially have my alesso tickets for sunday!!!
  10. So Hardwell is doing Vancouver and Calgary in one night on NYE. The time difference is an hour and then what about the plan ride? Who gets to see him ring in the new year?
  11. I want to go to Alesso sooooooooo bad but I'm swamped with midterms and papers. However Kaskade on Dec 27th and Hard-frickkkin-well on Dec 31 is going to be insane!!
  12. tiesto is going to be on the sonic show tmr morning I guess to talk about the postponed date.
  13. Copped my day two pass yday. I wish dada and diplo were doing the second night but stoked to see bingo players. Ahhhhhhhh kaskade is gnnna be soo good
  14. Anyone going to BPSweet 16? Had tickets but gave thm away I'm so bummed! Tell me how it was!!!
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