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  1. Language is important. We use language to define things and people. I agree we need to use respectful language to show people that we respect them. And I also agree that this is a complex topic and we probably will not see a valuable discussion about it here. But I also think that if someone experienced puberty with a large production of testosterone, that they generally have a physical advantage over those that did not. But there are just too many variables for there to be a solution that makes everyone feel happy, secure, safe and heard. For example, when would someone have started hormone replacement therapy? What is the data on that? What about people who have an XX chromosomal profile but have outwardly male sex organs, or vice versa? There are some questions we just don't have the answers to right now.
  2. Awesome! Kudos to your parents. People dont often teach their kids to think critically. That's great!
  3. And here I always thought it was the other way around! Hahahaha Yknow, I tend to believe that people will always do the best they can, with the information and circumstances that they have at the time. If we see someone coming from a hateful, ignorant place, they might need our acceptance and validation most of all.
  4. I agree. Many peoples only social outlet is social media these days. More so now with covid than ever.
  5. Haha I hear you. But stupidity is absolutely something that is taught. Racism, sexism, hatred, ignorance... all of these things are things we learn or unlearn by the modeling we got from our upbringing
  6. Yeah, I think we are all a product of our environments. I'm sure they were taught to think in these faulty ways from early on in their lives. You often hear their cries that their "truth" is being silenced. I absolutely think that would radicalize someone, if they think they have the truth but aren't allowed to tell anyone
  7. Oh they definitely share their views on social media (at least my crazy uncle does), but they are often banned for it. And that's a tricky situation. I understand the inclination to want to remove misinformation. Misinformation can be actively harmful if people believe it. However, when people get banned from social media, they dont just go away. They find another medium through which they express their views. And then they are only surrounded by other knuckleheads repeating the same ignorant propaganda. It's been said before, but the only cure for bad information is to be exposed to better information. I think if society listened to and engaged with people who are misinformed, instead of forcing them to shut up, we wouldn't have such division on a lot of topics.
  8. That's so good to hear! Thanks for sharing. Its inspiring to hear about people investing in themselves
  9. Good work! That's incredible. I bet you feel great
  10. I know a couple of people who have used this pandemic as a motivation to quit smoking and lose weight. We should be taking extra good care of ourselves right now.
  11. It's funny. If we were all sitting around the table having a beer in person, I bet most of us would all come to a respectful consensus pretty quickly. We are so limited by text. It really highlights and agitates the areas we disagree and not the numerous areas where most of us seem to agree.
  12. That wasnt the CDCs position that you posted. That was an article from a contributor. Anyway, glad you agree that cloth masks reduce droplet and aerosol spread. I agree medical masks are better. What kind of mask do you use?
  13. 1. One opinion piece from April... not very solid data 2. That's when medical staff were wearing cloth masks, not when the sick patients were wearing them. Masks protect other people, not you. Thats important when we have several days of asymptomatic transmission with this virus. Come on man, help others. It feels really good! You'll like it! I swear! If all along, your point has been "your mask wont protect you", then I agree with you. But all of the data suggests that "your mask will help protect others" and that's important. Maybe that's been the core of our disagreement this whole time?
  14. First of all, Sars cov 2 is covid 19. They are the same thing. Second, these studies show that cloth face covering reduce aerosols and droplets when speaking or coughing. You see that. You cant read them and not see that. Do they offer protection to the wearer? Minimal to none. But that's not the point. The point is, and I cant stress this enough, if you're wearing a mask, you're protecting other people from you. Try to understand, thats the point, especially when this disease will have you being asymptomatic AND contagious for several days before you feel the onset of symptoms. I'm happy to see that we do agree on a couple of things. You do recognize that wearing something in front of your face will prevent particles from ejecting through the mask. And we agree that people are acting like a mask is 100% effective (they most certainly are not) so they aren't keeping distance. I agree with you, being are being unsafe and irresponsible, even while wearing a mask. Masks + distance is more effective that doing either one by itself. But it's impossible at this point to conclude that cloth masks do not reduce the amount of ejected droplets and aerosols from the wearer.
  15. Oh? There are so many. You don't even have to look that hard. How long did you have to search for that one interview you keep citing from April?