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  1. I agree that initially the issues with Virtanen were based on his draft rank, however now I think most, including myself are just fed up seeing the same thing 5 years in a row. I could care less about where he was drafted. Now my issues are that Virtanen is inconsistent, a floater, soft, a defensive liability, attracts negative off ice attention, doesn't kill penalties, doesn't drive the net...Yes he does some good things, but nothing consistently enough for the coach or fans to rely on.. I'm over that.
  2. This... Well said and worth reposting for you!
  3. Take hitting out of training camp? Then you'd end up with a team full of Eriksons and playoff mode Virtanens! There are two separate non- issues connected here. #1 -Motte slew foots two of his team mates during a practice scrimmage. #2 - Gaudette took exception and a scrap ensued. Non-Issue #1 will be dealt with off the ice. Greener and I'm sure 1 or two guys in the room will say something, either in passing or directly. It will end there. Non-Issue #2 is fun for fans to discuss, but in hockey, down at ice level this is nothing. Notice how the team is tapping sticks and acting chill. This is nothing these fellas haven't seen before.
  4. AND.. There was an article written maybe 2 months back about Virtanen spending every day at Myers' house exercising and working out. If Myers can actually have Virtanen in shape to start training camp, then this guy has done what no one else could! and the team will be better off for it.
  5. Wasn't there a rumour with strong substance that during the draft Montreal really wanted PLD, and if he fell to Vancouver we were going to trade the 5th to Montreal for PK Subban?