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  1. Agreed. Murray was 21, same age as Demko is now when he started in the NHL. Gibson 22. If Demko keeps his pace up the whole season I don't see how you keep him down there next year. Leagues getting younger at all positions.
  2. Does anyone know where to get a millionaires jersey in Vancouver?

    Going to the home opener from the okanagan and can't find them anywhere here.

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    2. Erik Karlsson

      Erik Karlsson

      Team store doesn't have them. Okay thx I'll try jersey city, one in Kelowna said they don't carry em anymore and sportchek didn't have them here I'll try metro tho thanks 

    3. Squamfan


      i saw one in sportschek few weeks ago in metro

    4. Erik Karlsson
  3. The vid of the rookies making the team is up!

  4. Only the Canucks would split up a line after they put up 10 points their first time playing together...

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      LC, that excuse annoys me so much. If it's only the preseason, then all the good things the Canucks did shouldn't count as well and I don't want that because Horvat for example improved his skating and offensive ability.

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      cdc doesn't make their opinions on what's best for the players...their opinions are all that matters.

    4. The 5th Line

      The 5th Line

      LordCanuck, if the preseason doesn't mean anything, then why the hell do they even have a preseason

  5. Horvat said after the game: "I hope this line is together for a long time." Me too Horvat, me too

  6. I have 0 faith in Miller making a big save, I like Bennings drafting etc, but most of his moves at the NHL level have just been meh.

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    2. logic


      dont you guys want to get a high draft pick ?

    3. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      You don't get it logic. The team is supposed to compete for the 1st overall pick and the Stanley Cup at the same time according to CDC.

    4. Erik Karlsson

      Erik Karlsson

      We wont get a high draft pick, we'll prob get a mid range draft pick

  7. Kassian scores a nice goal last night, meanwhile we have an aging Prust who I can probably skate faster than.

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    2. Ryanstorm


      Such a foolish trade..

    3. johngould21


      Don't know about that. Kassian will find those bars and clubs in Montreal much to his liking.

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      To be fair, I don't think either team is going to get what they want out of this trade.

  8. Anyone order off before? Thinking about getting a hoody or 2 but not sure what size to get. I'm 5'8. M or L?

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      which is it, man or lady?

    3. Erik Karlsson

      Erik Karlsson

      Mens, I don't know, I usually wear L or M that's why I can't decide haha.

    4. BananaMash


      If it's a jersey hoodie I'd play it on the safe side and order it on the bigger end.

      It might be baggier than you like, but it should look fine since it's jersey style.

  9. Nurse dummied Andersson.

  10. Just my opinion but I think Stamkos is overrated. Great goal scorer but not that great at anything else.

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    2. Xbox


      Pretty random tbh

    3. TheRussianRocket.


      Kind of like Erik Karlsson. Doesn't mean they're overrated. What they're good at, they're the best at it and it's what makes them special players.

    4. Erik Karlsson

      Erik Karlsson

      Yeah but I just don't think Stamkos is a top 3 center in the league like most people say he is. Maybe top 5.

      I'd take Crosby, Malkin, Toews, Giroux before him for sure.

  11. Anyone ever take a masking agent for a piss test?

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    2. Chris


      How much do you smoke? When is the test?

      Chug many many litres of water before the pee test; end your stream in the cup, don't start it there. vitamin b2 /b12 roughly an hour before the test, cranberry juice.

    3. jstewboy


      Mask kits don't do anything except dilute your system and jam it full of vitamins to put colour in your urine. How many days until the test?

    4. asian player
  12. CDC and HF will be hilarious if Sutter underperforms and we're stuck with the contract for 5 years. Not that I think he will though.

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i think sutter is going to surprise a lot of people...maybe not as a goal scorer but melding with line mates...

    3. Erik Karlsson

      Erik Karlsson

      Yeah I think he puts up almost 50 points this season

    4. Tom Sestito

      Tom Sestito

      He won't. He's not a good enough even strength offensive player (quite an awful one but that's fine) and we don't have the offensive weapons to support his production on the third line. He'll be in the range of 30 points WHICH IS FINE if he's on the third line.

  13. Wow Predators haven't drafted a player out of the OHL since 2011... Josh Shalla..

    1. Xbox


      That's so weird. I know him, went to my school. He's from Oshawa or in a city right beside it

    2. Gstank29


      Looks like they scout Europe the heaviest. Followed by the QMJHL and then the WHL/USNDP

  14. Apparently Sean Day is 247 pounds... and can still skate like the wind :/

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    2. Warhippy


      Chycrun or Day will be a coup for our club

    3. Jaku


      I still think Chychrun is going to be an all star in the NHL.

    4. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Gotta be getting pretty chubby. Or he's been pumping iron regularly since he was 12.

  15. Virtanen doubters need to chill... If Sutter can put up 20 goals, Virtanen with twice the talent and more speed should have no problem scoring atleast that in the show

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand


      It's much more fun to hate. Benning sucks, Virtanen sucks, Sutter sucks.

      In fact, every Canuck sucks until they leave, then they become future HOFers.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      but probably not this season...benning said, he still has things to learn,,,,he'll get there but they won't rush him...

    3. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      Nobody thinks he can't do that. We just should have traded down five spots before picking him.