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  1. One HF poster said it was the best game he's ever seen Juolevi play.
  2. He could still skate tho haha. Not saying it's all on the trainers but kind of concerning.
  3. It's happened to Virtanen, Juolevi, Hutton, Hansen etc.... dont see it happening to any other teams....
  4. I'm worried our trainers are going to tell Petterson to bulk up like they did Virtanen and Juolevi, which made them play terrible. Even Hansen bulked up a bunch one season and lost a step, some of this has to be on our training staff, happening too much lately.
  5. Honestly probably better if he misses the world jrs. He'all probably be pissed and play even harder. I'm not too sure the world jrs is that great for a prospect anyways. Hodgson looked better than Tavares there and look how he turned out. Petterson didn't look good last year and look at him now, same with Juolevi and even Boeser. Virtanen had one of the worst performances ever and looks way better in the NHL. Fun to watch our prospects there, but not a big deal if they don't make it.
  6. That is the softest 2nd line and would get destroyed.
  7. I still can't believe he turned out. Always thought he was going to bust.
  8. Winger? How's Jankowski doing this season anyways
  9. Yeah I don't get what his post has to do with anything. Boeser's two way game is pretty good for a rookie....
  10. I think he would have fit Greens system well. Having him and this seasons Gudbranson on the team would be a nightmare for other teams. I really hope he comes back. Does he have an out clause?
  11. Agreed. Murray was 21, same age as Demko is now when he started in the NHL. Gibson 22. If Demko keeps his pace up the whole season I don't see how you keep him down there next year. Leagues getting younger at all positions.
  12. Usually when I talk down a prospect they seem to make me eat crow pretty quickly. Maybe I should do it more often. First time this season he's looked like the player we drafted imo.
  13. I was always positive about Virtanen, he still had his shot, speed and attributes that made him a top pick even when he wasn't playing great. I just haven't seen anything positive from Juolevi so far this season and am worried he looked so good in his draft year because he played with such great players. Tkachuk and Marner in London and pretty sure Laine and Puljujarvi in the world jrs. What d-man isn't going to look good feeding those guys passes. I still think he'll most likely become a top 4 defender, but still think he was picked a bit too high. I just really hope he ups the intensity in his game. Watched him live in Penticton and it really showed.
  14. Uh Tkachuk had 53 points as a rookie straight out of the draft and has 5 points in 7 games this season. He's only going to get better especially when he gets his man strength... A first liner who is physical and agitates is pretty rare. Is Juolevi the only prospect who's going to keep developing or something? Not sure why when people say they prefer other picks they get $&!# on around here. OJ almost looks like he's regressed and doesn't have the greatest attitude. Doesn't mean he still won't end up being the better and more important player, but it's not very likely imo. Not going to compare Juolevi to other d men from the same draft since he was the highest rated one.
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