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  1. You might be right but what a silly incident to make you think so.
  2. Vanek is Austrian. Biega is Canadian.
  3. those future line ups are always so silly. too much changes year to year for them to ever be accurate. For those line ups to be accurate all of these things would have to come true: Every prospect reaches potential No one drafted after 2017 would make the team No one traded after 2017 would be on the team (or be excluded from the team) No one signed as a FA after 2017 would be on the team (or excluded for leaving via free agency) ((other than Evander Kane because everyone who does these line ups wants him signed and has him on the top line.)) I don't know w
  4. when you put it like that, AHL live doesnt seem like such a bad deal!
  5. Also, I'm certain Team USA and probably Team Canada are scouting the NCAA heavily right now. So maybe Granato hasn't seen him personally but his scouts are reporting in about Gaudette.
  6. once you realize sports talk radio is essentially pro wrestling, the whole thing becomes more entertaining.
  7. Windsor is hosting the mem cup this year. Guaranteed to have a Canucks prospect to watch in the tournament now
  8. most selections to the NBA "All Shins Team" in history
  9. definitely just looks like anticipating a line change. and sort of a reflexive reaction when he reached out and grabbed his jersey for that split second. nothing to this one.
  10. A picture of him and his now wife at the beach two years ago!? LIFT WEIGHTS YOU BIG DUMB ANIMAL!! ENTERTAIN US!!!!
  11. He's been involved with Team Canada even prior to his draft year, so it's not too surprising they circled back to him to have another look. Good for him being a 3rd rounder and all but his draft position means very little especially considering he's been on the international stage before. Also, Benning liked him enough to say he would use a 2nd rounder to pick him FWIW.
  12. I thought that was kinda weird too. I think he meant he was surprised to see he was traded to a strong team maybe?
  13. http://new.theqmjhl.ca/article/guillaume-brisebois-looking-forward-to-joining-islanders Jun 15 Guillaume Brisebois looking forward to joining Islanders Charlottetown Islanders by Charlottetown, Islanders Guillaume Brisebois was a little surprised when he heard he was no longer part of the Acadie-Bathurst Titan but said he welcomed a fresh start with a new organization. “I knew the Islanders were a very good organization and that they will be a strong team this season,” Brisebois said a few days after being dealt to the
  14. Baertschi and Bo are gonna be fun to watch again this year. I like the way they sore off the rush. they are a "quick strike" kind of line
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