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  1. He could be in the rotation in Utica any time, having been drafted out of Europe. I wonder if this means they feel he’ll be ready for that after this season.
  2. wow this guy is going to ride shotgun with Bo soon
  3. Good for archie. Happy to see him get a chance. Anyway, im pretty sure we’ll get mckenna to utica once stolarz returns. Theyll waive mckenna and the canucks will be able to assign him to the AHL without going through waivers again.
  4. Watched him play the other night. Des moines was relentless that night scoring 6 goals (1 empty net) but thiessen made some nice saves including a spectacular toe save. Reminded me of demko on that play.
  5. I feel like goldy has made a lot of plays but he isn't finishing any. He's skilled enough to work off of EP but he's not burying his chances
  6. I just watched jack Rathbones highlights from the Harvard twitter and they have super HD crystal clear video and then there's this.
  7. Pronman hasn't put out his top 10 for the canucks yet. the top 20 list is being done by J.D. Burke and Ryan Biech.
  8. I vaguely remember what you’re talking about but what I took it to mean was that the two players were rated closely. I believe the canucks separate forwards and defenseman and work off of at least two ranking lists. So if they were really high on hayton, at max, they would have had him ranked #2 on the forwards list (I don’t think anyone would dispute svechnikov was the best forward). I believe it’s safe to assume that Quinn was also ranked 2 on the defenseman list. Given that team need gives the edge to drafting a defenseman and the fact that top pair defensemen are harder to acquire, I don’t see how the canucks would have taken hayton over Hughes if they were both available. I do believe they would have taken hayton over zadina if it played out that way, however.
  9. Hughes speed belongs in the middle. We know Elias can put up numbers at wing. If those two ended up on the same team jack would play center.
  10. woo grabbed jack hughes after he(jack) cross checked mcisaac. quinn tackled woo and jett wrestled with the hughes brothers
  11. its funny logic but that's what makes this guy an anomaly. how do you stay in a pro league while apparently adding nothing offensively? I'm interested to see if he is advanced enough everywhere else to stick around in NA.
  12. who is going to be this group's Cal O'Reilly? Would be nice to have him back for this season. great AHL playmaker.
  13. Good to hear hes going to Dubuque. One of the stronger development teams in the USHL for awhile now. Great to have a ushler to track
  14. smart to add goalie depth with a guy going to the NCAA. Plenty of development time without having to make a roster spot in Utica.
  15. I like taking a guy with good leadership and a good all around game late than swinging at guys with one outstanding skill.
  16. Can't wait to hear more; I'll leave my initial reaction to hopefully not age well right there :D
  17. He's Finnish. that's all i got
  18. shades of Gaudette hopefully. Jake Wise was right there.
  19. Our first two picks make our D pool look A LOT better
  20. I like him. I was hoping for Wise here but hopefully there will be one of the USNTDP forwards will be available in the third
  21. alright, we have a pretty good idea of who will be available at 37; who do you all want? one of Wise, Berggren, or Addison would be great
  22. thank you Arizona. without them this isn't possible
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