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  1. He's one of the guys that surprised/impressed me in pre-season. Hopefully that can transition to the regular season as we need the defensive depth.
  2. Nooooo!!!!! It sucks but at the same time he isn't good enough to push others off the team. Good luck in SJ Jonah!
  3. It better be just a rumor. I don't want him going anywhere.
  4. I like Aces. I just hope the logo reflects aviation "Aces" and not playing card "Aces". I like the idea of tying the team identity to the city. Would also support Aeros or Aviators.
  5. Unless there's something more that hasn't come out about Gaudette and the whole COVID thing this is a real head scratcher.
  6. WTF?!?!?! There better be something good coming back. Great young player with lots of potential.
  7. While super disappointing as I was really hoping to see him prowling our blueline beside Hughes one day, this really isn’t surprising. If anything it makes sense for him. The next NHL season isn’t going to start before January. With the plan for an 82 game NHL season Next year I expect the season wont end until May/June. So it’s reasonable to assume he could get in a full season in the KHL and then sign in March/April with an NHL team once’s his season In The K is over.
  8. The uproar over this is pretty ridiculous and it's obviously the proponents of "Green energy" that are the ones looking to get it taken down. At the end of the day its a sad truth that the majority of Green Energy is not better for the environment than energy from fossil fuels. When I took Engineering at UVic back in 2010 our final 4th year project was done in coordination with BC hydro and entailed powering a remote native community in Northern BC that was off the grid. We researched all possible means of power generation and power storage and it was sad to see how ineffective most Green Energy solutions were. In the end it came down to an option between wind power with fossil fuel generator backups or straight fossil fuel generators. After discussion with the community it was decided that there was no benefit from using Wind with a Gen backup. The environmental impact of the wind turbine would not offset the affect on the environment of using a single smaller backup generator instead of a larger generator for everything.
  9. If Defense was the only thing contributing to the "Best Defenseman" players like PK Subban, Brent Burns and Eric Karlsonn would never of won the Norris trophy as the leagues best Defenseman. The "Best Defenseman" is the best overall player playing that position. It takes into account defense, offense, hockey IQ, physicality, leadership, skating and every other intangible a hockey player need. It's not all about defense. The Canuck'ss best player overall playing as a defender is Quinn Hughes. He may not be the best defensively but what he lack in defensive skills he more than makes up in other areas.
  10. How you don't have Hughes as your best Dman I don't know but otherwise I would agree with you. 1. Markstrom 2. Gaudette( could be Virtanen) 3. JT Miller 4. Hughes
  11. Why would we not be included in the playoffs? If the season ended right now we sit in the second wild card spot. So based on points were in already, if you go with win percentage we move up but either way we would be included.
  12. Well hopefully Markstrom is back in time since he is skating. Although realistically he'll be out for a while still. I'd say you give a game to each tender, especially when the Nucks are giving up 30+(45+ last night) shots a game. Thats a heavy workload you should split if possible. With that said I'd give Domingue the Yotes game. Goalies usually like to play their old teams plus I feel they are the weaker of the 2 teams in the back to back.
  13. Poor Stalock, going to get lit up by the hometown hero BB6. Expecting a big game from Brock tonight. Some of his best games have come against his hometown team.
  14. This isn't from this year, Lucic is still playing for the Oilers in those highlights. This year has been way more intense and physical .
  15. We are definitely hoping for our starts to sign at a discount, the biggest difference though is that the Canucks will spend to the cap while Ottawa barely hits the Cap floor. The Canucks(or most teama in fact) would like to spend less on each individual player but have more higher quality players instead of 2-5 stars making all the money and a bunch of plugs filling out the roster.
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