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  1. This is very true. It seems that some fans (or even a lot of fans) almost expect what could be thought of as unrealistic perfection and when that perfection doesn't happen (ie. even a slight overpayment), they freak out. And outside of his contract, he's been a very important piece for us; yet, so many seem to forget or ignore that.
  2. I guess I just don't really understand what can we're kicking down the road in this case.
  3. $1.5mil is not exactly that difficult to bring under the cap given we're not even talking about this year. Chill dude. We have an entire year to figure that out.
  4. Watch Sutter become beloved by the fans for a change. Feels refreshing as the guy's a great hockey player, he was just overpaid. He deserves more love.
  5. Tell you what. I'll agree that it's a gamble. However, I'm going to disagree if there's any expectations that he will fail at this point because, again, there's no real proof and every acquisition is going to be different. There's speculation based on his role in Winnipeg, but it's just speculation and not enough to form a solid opinion at the end of the day in my opinion.
  6. Like I said, I need proof on it. I'm not going to just take your word on it. I'm even reserved on whether or not he's a good player. I'm waiting to see proof on if he's a good player or a bad player. Your word kind of means nothing to me in that regard.
  7. So "he's an NHL player" is your reasoning? You're a forum poster; therefore, so many people against you means you don't make good posts. Similar logic but is it true?
  8. But how does it allow us to infer it? That's what I'm asking.
  9. Yet, they made the playoffs. Do we claim that Hedman's a bad defenseman during the time Tampa Bay got swept by Columbus? Sure, Winnipeg's weak point might have been defense, but how does that translate to it being Poolman's fault? Even if they didn't resign him, that doesn't immediately mean it was his fault either. I get that it's easy to jump to conclusions on things but that's just what it ends up being: jumping to conclusions. Unless if I actually hear that Poolman's a bad player (with actual proof, ie. not "my friend told me") I don't see reason to believe he was t
  10. Yeah. They were trying something different. That's it. Nothing more needs to be read into it.
  11. How so? Just because a UFO is sighted doesn't mean there's aliens. Just because Poolman left doesn't mean they didn't value his services.
  12. Winnipeg's my 2nd favourite team and I will say that I don't fully like the moves they made for their D core. It's very risky for them.
  13. You must be the most miserable person in existance on this forum. Is there anything you actually like?
  14. While I can understand the frustration, keep in mind that not every trade is about getting face value. In this case there's a lot more at stake such as cap space, needing to sign Pettersson, Hughes, etc. Perhaps if things went your way, this trade doesn't get done at all and we lose Pettersson. That IS a possibility here.
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