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  1. Personally, I'm fine with shorter contracts since it means less money per contract until a player is in his prime, meaning we have a better chance to win in the meantime. I should also mention that I'm fine with having more negotiations as a result. While some of those negotiations might take until the season starts, they still got signed in the end and that's what matters. (It also probably doesn't help that I'm haunted by the Luongo contract and see how other long contracts fail miserably later on)
  2. So you're not okay with people drinking and driving but you are still okay with unvaccinated people killing potentially millions by prolonging getting rid of the virus.... The only reason why you think this is a "strawman argument" is because it goes against what you are saying; yet, you are showing yourself to be a major hypocrite here. I'll be completely honest: your logic here baffles me. I don't understand people like you. I think either you know what your saying is wrong but are afraid of being wrong or you just don't want to believe the inaction of not getting vaccinated kills others when it's clearly proven that it does.
  3. We might have to agree to disagree on this then, since I think what we deem as being "tough teams" is likely fundamentally different. I personally don't see 1 tough guy on a team as meaning a team is a "tough team". I look at it more as a toughness by group. Perhaps that's our difference? So sure, there's Maroon on St. Louis or Tampa Bay, for example, but that one guy alone's not going to make the team hard to play against.
  4. I'm not saying no team that won the cup was tough. I'm saying I don't see the correlation between toughness and actually winning. For example, if you look at that St. Louiis team, it was a deep team. If someone got injured, it didn't seem to matter. Same with Tampa Bay. These teams also played against a "tough" Dallas during their runs and Dallas had more momentum than a "tough Vegas" due to us making them crap their pants the series prior through a hot Demko. Basically, Maroon says hi.... but he's not the reason why they won the cup, nor is Wilson the reason why Washington won the cup. Sure, those pieces would have helped, but do these teams not win without them if they still had the same momentum and luck?
  5. Okay, then what is your opinion of Hughes' contract?
  6. Rasmus Dahlin's contract thread when you claimed that Hughes contract would be not what we'd expect. Then you claimed that people didn't expect it to be as high as it was.
  7. Come playoffs, determination, momentum, less injuries, a hot goalie, and pure luck's what's going to win a cup. Toughness don't mean much if any of those are in the other teams' favour. Just look at the most recent teams who have won a cup. Tampa was a completely different team than St. Louis. St. Louis was a completely different team than Pittsburgh. Perhaps just as important, look at the teams who made it to the finals but were exited. There are so many teams who have made the finals that were rather unexpected. We see "tough teams" exited in the 1st round. I just don't see the correlation between toughness and winning the cup. There's just too many other factors for this to be the case.
  8. I'm pretty sure you would complain if we did an 8 year year with Pettersson or Hughes since they'd have a higher cap hit up front. In fact, you already kind of have when you talked about the money of Hughes' 6 year deal. It would have been higher if it were 8 years. Must... Be... Nice...to... complain... about.... everything... (although I'm sure you love the extra attention right?)
  9. Montreal wasn't that tough imo. They were more like we are now. Out oif those 4, I only see Vegas as actually being tough. The other 3 were willing to grind in the playoffs, which is what we need to be successful rather than straight up toughness.
  10. Honestly, if health is the solution, we're screwed. No one's going to follow whatever protocols you think would work to get us healthier. It's and extremely unfeasiable solution at this point. In our conversaion before, you even said it wouldn't be easy. Well getting vaccinated is EASY.
  11. Worse than we did when we were in the playoffs a couple of years ago? We weren't even supposed to be there to begin with let alone be thinking about toughness at that time. If toughness proves to be a problem this year then sure, I'll jump aboard that "we need toughness" train, but I'm not seeing that being a problem at this point. We've only have 1 game into the season and panicing about this now just seems pointless to me, especially when we have so many new faces. And, honestly, I see people complain about out "lack of toughness" every year whether it's last year or the year of the 2011 finals or before then. I also look around the league and see so few teams that I would personally think even have toughness. Seriously. Look around the league. Pretend you're a fan of other teams. Ask yourself if you are happy with that team's toughness. I personally think most teams aren't even tough. There are expceptions of course, but if there has to be exceptions, it means the rule is the opposite.
  12. I mean, you're the one proposing health is the fundamental issue. I'm asking how would you solve it if this is the case. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with it either I might add. I think there's point for and against that thought. The way I see it, we don't really know who is going to need the vaccine and who isn't. We have our ideas on who might (ie. older people, people with underlying health conditions, etc) but even that isn't really enough to accurately figure that out. Not only that, but as time progresses, this virus is just going to get worse as it mutates. We've already seen how bad the delta variant can get in the non-vaccinated. Imagine what things would have been like had there been no vaccine to this date. Then there's the transmission of the virus. The kids 25 and younger, while less likely to be as affected by the virus, can still share it around. Getting them vaccinated helps prevent this from happening. It's about giving the virus as many "dead end points' as possible. For what it's worthI agree with some of your points with the health stuff (although vitamin pills are kind of snake oil in my opinion, that's a discussion for another day). The question would be with the effectiveness of it. People often stick with what they know; therefore, it's not exactly easy to make people change their ways. Making this easier could help, but then the people also have to want help for this to even work.
  13. The covid infection itself isn't the cultural issue. How people react to is based on culture however is a cultual issue. What's going to work in one culture isn't necessarily going to work in other cultures, and this needs to be considered when doing these comparisons. Mirroring what one culture's doing is not a gaurentee to work. If anything, it's far from that. Let me ask you this: what exactly do you propose we do to get healthier if that's the underlying issue? Health has not only been an issue for decades, but has been getting progressively worse due to higher rates of obesity and an aging population. This isn't a problem you simply solve; therefore, how do you expect this to get solved in the short term for covid purposes? Keep in mind this is the same population with people against vaccines, masks, social distancing, etc...
  14. I think the problem is though you're comparing 2 very different cultures with each other. Are you expecting us to fit in the mold of another culture? Consider that even what is consider a snack in Japan is much healthier than what is considered a snack here, so obviously their population's going to be healthier than our population in general. So then what exactly does "figuring out the fundamental differences" solve for us? You said it yourself that things are very different over there with the density, the mentality, etc; therefore, what they're doing over there is highly unlikely to be as effective over here because of that difference. I get that you mean well but our problem isn't going to be solved by fitting us into a mold of another culture. If anything, that's going the opposite direction and creating new problems as more ideals get forced on people than just vaccines.
  15. See, I wish parites would actually address this actual issue with the border, rather than spewing random stuff about buying back guns which essentially does nothing. During the election, I heard almost nothing but random promises that either, a) were going to happen anyway or b) don't solve a damn thing... and this was from ALL the parties which was the most disappointing part.
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