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  1. Wait. Do you seriously think that I was just referring to his looks? Also, sadly people like me? Like people who have ethics? Once again, I'm glad you are the minority.
  2. Okay, first of all, full disclosure. I'm in the very area the pipeline would have been placed. I see both sides of that coin but, given Enron's track record, I was against Enron specifically doing it (they had oil spills in almost every state they were in). It also felt like Albertans were shoving crap (or oil) down our throats and they would have benefitted, not us. BC would only have temporarily benefitted with jobs, but once the pipeline would be in place... it's a pipeline. Not a lot of jobs are needed afterwards over here. Anyway, with that out of the way.... I don't think the construction of the pipeline would have made things much better to be honest. It might have helped in the short term, but demand is demand and if demand goes down, so does sales, pipeline or not. And government doesn't control the economy. His tariffs are just smoke of mirrors of what was happening anyway. Also, can you imagine JT putting tariffs on the US? That would DESTROY our economy and the oil fields even more as the US laughs in our face and goes elsewhere. lol
  3. I am really REALLY glad you're of the minority in Canada. lol I'm pretty sure I'd be leaving the country if JT suddenly wore a toupee.
  4. No. I don't think JT had anything to do with killing the oil industry. As I said, it was world oil prices overall. No government could have protected from that. If Harper were still in power, you'd be blaming him instead. It sucks that you guys lost your jobs over there, but the government is only the easy thing to blame stuff on, but hardly ever the reason. As far as your link goes, you're now saying that Trump didn't have a $5000 increase based on that article correct? 2.7% isn't that much bigger than 1.8%. That's a 0.9% change. That's it.
  5. @RowdyCanuck In terms of tech, I say look at some of the cities in the US, especially Kansas City. Kansas City of all places has turned into a tech hub. It's very doable. I could see a Calgary becoming a tech hub, I mean why not if Kansas City can do it? lol And it's not just Kansas City, if you look at some of the hubs: Austin, Ithaca, Madison, etc, they're cities kind of in the middle of nowhere. Also, tech doesn't necessarily mean programming or anything like that. There could be assembly line jobs within that for example among other things. Basically: manufacturing and IT work very well together. Back to Obama, the middle class increases actually started with Obama: If you look at the graph in the link above, it shows the highest rate just before/right when Trump was elected. Obama actually gave it the largest increase and then Trump just took credit for it.
  6. First of all, I'll never say that Benning hasn't made mistakes. He has. However, I don't look at things as the end of the world from these mistakes. I'm just going to number the reasons why: 1) Benning hasn't signed a contract like Eriksson since... well.... Eriksson. He seems to have learned his lesson there. 2) Think about Pittsburgh for a moment with Crosby, Malkin, and Letang. That's been their core. They won a cup in 2009 and they won back to back later on.... with a different support cast, and they definately lost players similar to Toffoli during that time. Yet.... they still did well. As long as we have our core, we are fine. 3) Most of the bad contracts finish in the next 1 or 2 years. Most of the overpayments are off the books at that point. This also means we should be able to keep our core as stated in point 2. 4) While it hurts to lose Toffoli, this probably wouldn't have happened if we didn't have a flat cap. We have to account for that. It's an abnormal situation. 5) Toffoli alone isn't going to turn us into a cup contender. 6) Hoglander, Podkolzin. etc, prospects are much much cheaper labour. Not a guarantee, but most cup contenders rely on them and that cheap labour. If we have to rely on Toffoli to put us over the top, we're in trouble. I could keep going, but I hope that gives an idea on my stance. I will also say that I do think he made a mistake in lack of communication with the free agents. That's another lesson that hopefully gets learned. All GMs make mistakes though and I think the lack of Eriksson signings is positive.
  7. Okay, let's talk about Alberta here. The problem really comes down to the fact that Alberta was so focused on oil jobs, that when the oil prices went downhill, nothing was done beforehand to mitigate this. If we want to ignore what I'm saying about businesses creating jobs and focusing on the government, I wouldn't be just blaming JT for this. I'd also be blaming the Conservatives for not coming up with potential backup ways just in case if things fell through. In terms of Trump, here's the problem: the unemployment rate was already on the decline before Trump got elected. The Unemployment rate didn't get lower at a faster rate either after Trump was elected. I'm honestly of the mindset that these "7 million" people who got jobs isn't because of Trump. Trump will take full credit of course because he wants your vote, but him alone wasn't the cause of it, nor was his plan.
  8. Oh I know why you've said what you've been saying. I don't agree with it without giving the man credit where credit is due or the team credit where credit is due. I haven't really seen you do either; therefore, I disagree with your assessment.
  9. Reluctantly, I don't disagree. On one hand, I fully stand by what I'm saying with callups. On the other hand, I fully stand by improving the team. This isn't a science at the end of the day.
  10. Dude. I haven't been taking you seriously for pages now. lol This is a forum on the internet. This isn't a place to take conversations like these seriously.
  11. I honestly think we need to see more players called up, but that's me to be honest. Injuries should give opportunities to newcomers. Other teams like Boston and Chicago have done this extremely well, so why can't we?
  12. I'm going to ask the same question I asked before: is there any way I can convince you that what you have said is not the reason those jobs in Alberta were lost?
  13. Actually, this answers my question quite well. It's going to depend on what the sacrifice is, otherwise you wouldn't be asking for clarification on it. So no, you're not utilitarian as you will still look out for yourself, meaning at times you are also "selfish" (as you should be). This was actually where I was hoping you'd be going with this to be honest. lol
  14. I feel like an injured player isn't exactly like having that player playing for your team. Just a thought that kind of crossed my mind...
  15. This is what caused Alberta to lose jobs: the oil prices. Not tariffs. Not forcing manufacturing companies back into the states. Oil prices. Case in point: 2015 on the worldwide oil prices graph below.