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  1. I went to Carl's Jr up here the other day (actually went in because there were not a lot of people inside anyway), and I ended up a witness of someone refusing to wear a mask. I also have a friend who works with the public and keeps hearing people complain about having to wear a mask in Walmart. I just don't understand how a simple concept can be so hard to understand for some people. This is a time where, yes, you should be in your own little world to avoid others but, at the same time, not be in your own little world and have your eyes open. lol
  2. You know, I actually have my issues with the education system in itself (ie. training our children that everything is "yes" or "no, etc)... but I'm pretty sure that school told us at least to provide evidence when coming up with an argument, of which Tark has not done so.
  3. Probably changed the wikipedia page first and then did his homework off of that...
  4. Trump's lost the election. Almost all of the court cases have been thrown out and even if the court cases won, it wouldn't be enough to change the outcome. Trump's lost dude. There's no smoke and mirrors with this. There is no "left tampering". If anything, this election's proven that the election system is more secure and safe than ever. You can listen to the right wing media all you want and argue this until you're blue in the face. It's over though. Anyone who tells you that Biden stole the election is outright lying to you and you only have your own confirmation bias to blame if you want to actually believe that stuff.
  5. Then 1) prove that the claims are larger than needed, 2) tell us what these "lots of ways" actually area, and 3) "hundreds of witnesses"? Who exactly? If you're reading things like these and actually believing it without them giving you a shred of evidence, you have to be one of the most gullible people on this planet (and unfortunately there are a lot of gullible people at the moment evidently). You should be looking for proof in all of this and not just giving your critical thinking to people who only want to manipulate you and as many other people as possible. Give yourself some critical thinking skills dude.
  6. While I appreciate you taking the time to answer this, the question was more geared towards a string of questions to show that a single number doesn't really answer much.
  7. The problem I think is more the democrats focus too much on right policies in itself. They keep shooting themselves in the foot by not really providing solutions to problems. The republicans are ripe for shredding to pieces and the democrats just sit there twiddling their thumbs. Provide ideas and then people will shift no matter the media when they suddenly realise they benefit from those ideas. And, to be fair, I think part of that reason is the age group. Pelosi's what? 80? Biden's in his 70's? They need some young blood in their leadership and not just in their ranks.
  8. Again, this is speaking like it's "just that easy". Don't you think JB has already tried to trade Eriksson? We are talking about a flat cap scenario, meaning a lot of teams are not going to be able to afford that sort of package. This also means that the teams that can afford such a package have a ton of leverage. It would effectively be us begging them to take Eriksson which is not an ideal situation whatsoever. For example, Detroit has been accepting contracts but only if the other team will retain some of the money which is not what we want in this case. As for buying out, we don't get a lot of cap relief from it at the moment. Maybe in his last year we will, but if you look at cap friendly and actually try to buy him out, it just makes things harder for us later on when we have Petey and Hughes and Demko and have to sign others. We only save $333K this year if we buyout Eriksson due to signing bonuses (and $2mil next year). He's not a contract that's feasible to buyout at this time. In his final year I can see it being tempting, but right now, not so much. We literally save more money from sending him to the minors, and that's only $1mil cap relief. For the record, I want Eriksson gone as much as anyone else, but I don't think your options are as easy as you think, nor will they save us as much money as you may think. Considering what other teams are asking for, the max we can save off of any option here is likely half Eriksson's contract, and that's ONLY if another team agrees to it.
  9. Rather than focusing on male/female, perhaps focus on just the workforce for the reasons I mentioned above. By using numbers like that 75%, you're just shifting the focus away from the actual problem at hand: the schools are open.
  10. @kingofsurrey I saw your confused emoji. You don't see how a single number isn't enough? Let's look at this number and see how else we can skew it... 75% of teachers are female. So that's 3x more female teachers to every male teacher. We can use this number to ask questions that are clearly not true but make it seem true: Can we automatically assume females are 3x more popular than males as teachers? Does that mean males have less of a chance at being a teacher? We can even ask questions that are likely not true that should be true: Does that mean that there are 3x more female principals than males? Does that mean the total income of all female teachers equate to 3x more than males? So, we can ask all of these questions based on 1 number: 75%. Some of these questions seem downright silly (as does implying there's less protection in the workforce because it's female). Some of these questions in an ideal world should be true but likely is not. But this 75% doesn't answer any of those questions. It's just a number. That's it. Jumping to anything further without any more numbers and/or facts doesn't raise a sound argument whatsoever. I think the real answer why the teachers are less protected at the moment is simply because the schools are open and it's an attempt to keep the children receiving an education. I don't fully agree with doing things that way, but to suddenly jump to some conclusion to do with gender is extremist at best in this case. Yes, equality needs work, but let's not make arguments that have no right to even be there through all of this in the first place.
  11. Any time I see something like a "mutual contract termination" in these proposals I have to question whether that's even going to happen. So if Eriksson says no what then? He has every right to say no so there's not reason to really think he'll accept that mutual termination. People seem to want to think a player is willing to sacrifice everything for the team. That's not a safe assumption.
  12. Why would this have anything to do with gender? I don't think schools should be opened either and I think the teachers should be protected, but this has to be one of the stupidest things I've heard regarding gender. With this logic, immigrants from Vanuatu must be highly prized and worshipped because they probably account for 0.00001% of the population!
  13. Pretty sure once this all dies down in a couple of months, a lot of them will go back to faux. At some point, reality has to sink in for some, especially for those who are merely "following the mob".
  14. All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.


    -James Thurber

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      what did you learn?

    2. The Lock

      The Lock

      I think I'm still learning that part. lol

  15. Looks like I'm landing a temporary job for at least the summer after graduating this month. Looks like good things do happen occasionally in this weird time. :)

    1. debluvscanucks


      Good news, congratulations!  

    2. kingofsurrey


      Well time. Lucky to land a position in todays market. 

      Sit tight and get the experience for your resume.


      Well done.  Congrats. Welcome to paying higher taxes.. need a few more young people like you stepping up so i can my retirement cheques eventually.....