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  1. This is correct. 2010 to 2012 as associate coach of the Dallas Stars.
  2. It's about wanting you to back up what you are saying. I don't care if you are a coach or not. What I do care about is you having facts and logic to back up not liking Dickenson. You being a coach does not exclude you from having to do this to prove a point. If you have the extra hockey knowledge then show it, because you have yet to actually do so. I'm not just going to take your word that Dickenson is somehow magically bad just because you said so.
  3. If you are a coach, then give actual helpful information rather than just saying "he's absolutely garbage". All this really tells me is you need to use the title of coach to compensate for things you don't have, such as actual hockey information. Just putting on a t-shirt that says your a coach doesn't make you knowledgable about the NHL or hockey in general.
  4. I don't think either of you are 100% correct or incorrect in this case. I think he has the potential to be one of the elite players in the NHL but he still needs to realise that potential in order for this to come true. That being said, we're talking about a 22 year old player, so while he may not be the best player we've ever had now, he has a lot of time to turn into that player. I think kloubek is right though in that he gets driven off the puck because of where he tries to drive, meaning he has drive. In either case, let's give him some years before judging like this perhaps? I can't help but think about players like MacKinnon who didn't really show being elite until his 5th season.
  5. I honestly couldn't imagine living like that. That's like extreme happy when things are going well and extreme unhappy when they don't. It's like having Forest Gump's famous quote, except it's "Life it like a box of chocolates: you either have the box of chocolates or you don't. Screw trying to eat those chocolates. You either won that box of chocolates or you didn't!"
  6. I think the problem here is thay there's a lot of grey area and that people generally think they're right when they truly believe in something and are unwilling to think about things further. So you have people like DC who made a joke based on an opinion. You have people with an opinion of DC's opinion. You have people with the opinion that DC's show could get cancelled. You have people with the opinion that that is cancel culture. This list is far from exhaustive as well. More simply put, there's not one thing that's necessarily right or wrong in this case as everything is literally based on opinion. I hate how this term gets used these days, but really this is what we get with "free speech". The internet just makes all of this more prominent since everyone can project their voice to potentially millions of other people, meaning more people are likely to agree and disagree with what is said, putting all of this on a more grander scale. So what's the solution to this problem? As long as people are going to have opinions.... there probably isn't one other than standing up for what you believe in.
  7. As much as Green may be on the hotseat (if he is even on the hotseat), he's not going to get fired any time soon. Green's firing would be Benning's last ditch effort before he gets fired himself and we're not in a desperate enough situation for that yet. I also don't think Julien would be the answer. I think he'd gel with us about as much as Torts did.... which is what got Gillis fired in the end.
  8. Players are going to get their slow stints. 4 games out of 82 games in a season is not even 5% of the season. Pettersson literally has 95% of the season left to play well. Also, keep in mind Buffalo and Detroit have yet to lose a game in regulation. While those same percentages above apply here too, it also means both teams are off to a hot start. But, remember when Buffalo was winning their 1st 10 games in a row a few years back only to be last in the league? Think about that when you think about where we are at in the season.
  9. Perhaps this will sound a little naive, but I for one try not to over focus too much on the bad in our world. Otherwise, I'll just go into a depression. I think if we want these issues to actually become issues to the public, there has to be a more palatable way of doing it, because I doubt I'm the only one in the world willing to live in ignorance. It's not about people not caring. It's about people keeping their sanity.
  10. That's fair. I guess we'll see what happens throughout the season really along with whether Beagle gets another contract in the NHL afterwards or not. Maybe he has lost his drive or maybe there's more to it than what meets the eye.
  11. Again though, these are assumptions that are being made. You're assuming management's telling Beagle to lose. You're assuming Beagle doesn't just enjoy the game for what it is. We can agree that hockey is mental, but can we also agree that every hockey player is different and not necessarily of the same mold that you are implying here? I get that we're talking about a former Canuck, but I don't understand why people want to be so bitter about things when this trade is clearly turning out well for us. I also don't understand why people want to make assumptions and almost seemingly want the worst for Beagle and Arizona. I understand the logic by which you want to assume all of this, but the problem is these are merely assumptions and there's also logic against what you're saying. Every player is different at the end of the say and to lump a player, any player, into such a mold, to me, is almost an insult to said player. That's just the way I view it.
  12. Still, I don't really see how that would necessarily change Beagle's mentality. It's kind of an unfounded assumption either way. I guess my question would be why not still try to do your best despite the circumstances?
  13. I mean, he's won a cup in Washington. He could just want to play the game for as long as possible or want to play out his contract out of good will (he's being paid well for his job afterall). Remember, he's played for us for years now... and it's not like we were that good. lol
  14. I mean, any team can look at what teams in other sports are doing for inspiration, but I'd rather see us take inspiration from perpetually successful teams rather than take inspiration from 1 press conference. Anyone can do a press conference and say the right things. DOING the right things however is another matter and I don't see how the Blue Jays are any better than other teams. If the Blue Jays were a dynasty of a team then sure, the OP's post might have some merit then, but they aren't.
  15. I'm 5 foot 4 and I'll tell you straight up that if someone called me a midget because I was getting under his skin in a hockey game there'd be an evil grin on my face from ear to ear. Now I'm not Garland or anything.... but something tells me he wouldn't disagree. lol
  16. The irony about this is how some people want us to add more "tough guys" into our lineup (not directing that at you). Yet, if a team like Calgary does it they're deemed a "good squad". It just goes to show that "tough guys" don't mean "better team".
  17. Withj OEL though, I think this is one of those things that's easy to say should happen, but to actually bring it every game on a team that's perpetually bad each year... that's a rather tall order over such a long period of time, especially when you're literally the captain of the team. I also think comparing Loui's situation to OEL isn't really a fair comparison. OEL never had problems staying in the lineup unlike Loui. OEL also is still a good player when not at his best (which ironically shows how bad of a contract Loui had for us) and was still an integral part of the Arizona team unlike Loui. So if we're talking about standards, OEL's standards were and are much higher than Loui in my opinion.
  18. I'm going to straight up say I can see a scenario where Garland becomes our next beloved Burrows. Like he gives off those vibes extremely well. We need someone to post a "Garland do we need him?" thread.
  19. A lot of our players get overrated though. I actually kind of fear for players like Podkolzin at the moment and the expectations on him. This fanbase has no patence to just let a player show what he will become, but I guess when does any fanbase have that patience? That being said, I don't think Gaudette's a career AHL'er if he learns to not be so cocky about where he thinks he should be in the NHL. That being said, Chicago is also not the deepest team out there at the moment (while our offense is clearly stacked) so he'll probably have his chance to either prove it or lose it.
  20. I actually feel like we're approaching that "tough but honest" area in Vancouver. We might not be at the same level the Red Wings were during their time, but we have a lot of hard workers on the team now that clearly make things tough for the opponent. I really think this is something that should help us come playoff time a lot. If we already have the drive with some of our players, I can imagine that drive being contagious.
  21. Actually, it's the fact that you think your sarcasm was detectable (when it clearly wasn't) that's part of that arrogance. And, like I said, I didn't expect you to care and it looks like I was right in that assumption. Or maybe you do care since you replied but don't want to "show it".
  22. It's not your opinions that make people "hate". From what I've observed, it's your demeanour. You have an arrogance about you and this very post I quoted shows that arrogance. I don't expect you to care about this (although I challenge you to surprise me in caring), but since you seem to think it's about your opinions, I want to point out that it's not as I've seen others be very effective in expressing their opinions againt Green or Benning without creating as much controversy. Social skills can be learned afterall but arrogance WILL impeed social skills.
  23. Arizona didn't have a 1st round draft pick due to the scouting incident that lost them a couple of 1st round draft picks. They did this trade so they could get back in the 1st round along with getting rid of, what could be thought of as baggage for them in a sub-performing OEL. Because the players they got from us all only have a year left, they could afford doing such a trade. OEL being a long term 7mil cap hit risk would have lowered the value coming to us. So effectively, we get some cap relief and a couple of players we wanted. Arizona gets a 1st round pick and rid of a long term cap issue.
  24. It wasn't clear at all. Maybe King Heffy likes Green and you hate Green. Maybe you like Green and King Heffy hates Green. Maybe you both like or hate Green. That statement could be used with ALL of those scenarios. This leaves the rest of your quote which made it seem like you hate Green.
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