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  1. We don't have any players worth watching, so just focus on our sweater.
  2. Does anyone want to take over the prospect tracking thread I usually do each year?

    1. Beary Sweet

      Beary Sweet

      I can consider doing it. What do you usually do?

    2. Down by the River
    3. Beary Sweet

      Beary Sweet

      Do you keep track of stats for those that are in the NHL or only those that are in AHL/Juniors/College?

  3. Pineda sweating bullets halfway through the first inning... dude looks like he has a bad case of food poisoning.
  4. E. Kane D. Larkin Z. Kassian P. Engvall B. Nelson N. Bjugstad D. Caggiula C. Blackwell N. Dowd T. Jeannot T. Pitlick C. Fischer C. Bunnaman E. Karlsson D. Orlov D. Dekeyser C. Soucy J. Oesterle B. Kulak A. Raanta J. Swayman Unless some of our new NCAA acquisitions impress at camp, this is our opening-night lineup. Busy offseason with 6 new faces in the lineup. Ten players are UFA at the end of this year.
  5. After The Lobster I was so excited for this one... but I rated it about the same.
  6. BoSox and Yankees have two of the easiest schedules in baseball from here on out.. Jays are middle of the pack. Getting at least splits with the Rays will be huge.
  7. I feel like the Orioles are to the Jays what backup goalies are to the Canucks. Two bases loaded situations and they come up empty after dummying the A's/Yankees.
  8. 200 students in my first-year class yesterday. All of them wearing a mask.
  9. Another baserunning mistake by the Jays. https://www.insidehook.com/daily_brief/sports/why-mlb-players-bad-baserunning
  10. Yankees with 3 errors this AM and Jays fail to capitalize... and make base running mistakes in the process.
  11. Old: 1/10 I know M. Night is bad with dialogue, but sweet lord this movie didn't have a single line in the script that wasn't exposition.
  12. The front page of your MyCRA profile will give you this information. I recommend reading the Intelligent Investor (I was in your position about a year ago and it is the book I learned the most from). I don't have much advice, but after reading that book, I made $SPY the bulk of my portfolio and haven't regretted it at all.
  13. Well if you want to have less crime, understanding the how is kind of how you get there. Difficult to reach the goal of a safer society if you don't understand the problem in the first place.
  14. Lol. MLB couldn't get out of their own way. Cool idea until you throw a massive GEICO ad onto your Field of Dreams.
  15. From phoning Gretzky at midnight to give him an ultimatum to literally trying to steal money from Pavel Bure, the Canucks organization showed over the years that they had a poor understanding of how to deal with star players. It is crazy that some fans still think the way they do about Bure when all that has come out to say otherwise. For example, the idea that Bure was going to sit out playoff games as part of a negotiation tactic was a total fabrication, yet people still cling to this idea nearly 30 years later.
  16. The way Travis Green talks about Miller makes it sound like he wants him in Vancouver long-term. So much of the PP runs through Miller. Until the young guys are able to do a better job making reads, understanding what the PK is trying to do, etc., Miller has a very big role to play on this team.
  17. I think this team gets underrated because they were just so good that some could find the games boring because of how dominant they were. 2002/2010 I was on pins and needles. 2014 my friend and I were just casually sipping our coffee and Baileys watching Canada control every single shift. Might have been the perfect combination of players and system.
  18. Arizona is going to go the route of the Buffalo model where they stockpile draft picks and then do everything else wrong.
  19. He just kept kicking Lewis' leg from a distance and Lewis had zero footwork to close the gap. It was like Gane even surprised himself at how well he was doing. He'd throw the kick and seem to be expecting a counter and then nothing.
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