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  1. I'm probably in the minority, but I don't really like Lewis at all (both in personality and in how he fights) and was glad to see him get embarrassed.
  2. The obsession umps have with issuing warnings to two teams when one of them did nothing wrong is one of my favorite baseball traditions.
  3. Exactly what I loved. So in the moment. Loved her standing over the ball when the Swedes needed to pick it up for their shot. All the penalty takers looked extremely nervous. That's not meant to be a criticism of others, just meant to highlight how impressive she was in not freezing up. Did she guess right on every single penalty?
  4. Maybe Canada's problem is that people like you are so soft that they think not being able to afford luxuries is worth going to war over. Newsflash. If you want luxuries, you have to work for them. It won't be easy. Stop blaming the government. If you can't move from middle to upper class, it is probably because you're not talented and don't work hard enough, not because the government is stopping you.
  5. What's the reason for not shifting? Like, for a decade the call has been for CPC to go back to being Conservative on spending and then basically change little else of anything. It seems like a really simple path to take, but instead of cutting down on the Loonies they just put loonies on a soapbox.
  6. I freakin love Labbé.
  7. I for one will surround myself with much slower humans in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Like my Dad always said, all you need to protect yourself against bears in the woods is one friend who is slower than you.
  8. I wish this event got as much attention as the 100m. Pretty amazing to be that elite at so many different things. Warner would have won 2-3 medals had he competed in individual events.
  9. Which IMO makes it a particularly unflattering comparison. Some players fail to find the balance between leading and forcing. Maybe it won't matter if the team has success and everyone is willing to sacrifice, but I've got to think that a team would be better off if players made certain decisions on their own instead of having Mackinnon helicopter parent them. The example about passing is weird when you think about guys like Datsyuk. I'm pretty sure there are stories of him telling his teammates to STOP trying to make a perfect pass and just get the puck near him, he'
  10. It is tough for me to reconcile my love of sports with my disdain for a lot of professional athletes. I get that professional athletes might just be a microcosm of society, but they make millions of dollars, which gives them a platform, and it is usually the dumbest of the dumb that take advantage of this platform in all the wrong ways.
  11. It sucks so much that this feels like the inevitable outcome. Hard to put into words how I feel. You have multiple players who acknowledged this happened. From what I can tell, they have nothing to gain by acknowledging that this abuse happened. Then you have people like Toews telling the media he was basically unhappy that teammates were 'snitching'. There has to be a point where we decide that something is so serious that people shouldn't be denigrated as snitches for speaking out.
  12. I wish the victim(s) and those who were witnesses held out until the NHL had an independent investigation as opposed to the Blackhawks hiring a PR firm to masquerade as a completely independent investigation unit.
  13. Jordan will round out our dmen after moving on from Trouba and others this offseason. Kane - Nelson - Bjorkstrand Engvall - Blackwell -Brown Jeannot - Pitlick - Fischer ________ - Bunnaman - Caggiula ________ Karlsson - Orlov Toews - Soucy Kulak - Oesterle Raanta Swayman Looking to round out the lineup with some short-term deals. I think it is pretty clear the direction we are headed. Thanks to the GMs before me that made LA a competitive team. Looking to now put my own stamp on things.
  14. They definitely have a dartboard with Trader Jim's face on it.
  15. Kid has an amazing story. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/panthers-brady-keeper-hoping-inspire-indigenous-people-nhl-debut/
  16. If you haven't heard of them, you don't pay attention to hockey and are basically telling people that they shouldn't give your opinion on things much weight.
  17. I would love it if this were the case, but based on the deals the Canucks have made recently, I feel like they are targeting roster players.
  18. LAK recall Jeremy Swayman. Excited to see what he can do in a much bigger role. @Nail
  19. Is Arizona making the right moves to help the team rebuild? Yes. Will the rebuild be successful? Probably not. Get that team out of the &^@#ing desert.
  20. For a lot of young guys who are immature, becoming an adult forces you to grow up, regardless of your personality. Unfortunately for athletes, they don't really have to grow up if they don't want to, and I feel Jake is in that position.
  21. Started strong, ended with some missteps in the 5th.
  22. Maycee Barber looked really familiar to me. Couldn't put my finger on it until now.
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