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  1. @Primal Optimist= 98 pts @Down by the River= 77 pts @Master Mind= 52 pts Thanks for playing guys.
  2. Carolina is one of the best teams in the league and they keep cleaning up at the draft, even without a first.
  3. I hate Tampa Bay with the same logic of a jealous ex.
  4. https://eprinkside.com/2021/04/28/danila-klimovich-continues-to-steal-the-show-at-the-u18-world-hockey-championship
  5. Carolina is going to have a great second round.
  6. How is the second round taking longer than the first?
  7. This is just going to make it look like Mailloux 'withdrew' from the draft so that the Habs had a better chance at drafting him... the alternative is that Mailloux genuinely wanted to withdraw and all/most teams in the league except for MTL respected that.
  8. Benning had Chatfield. I feel like this guy got so many chances down in Utica because he was one of Benning's pet projects. Not Chatfield's fault for taking the opportunities given to him, but the Canucks spoke really highly of this guy.
  9. I don't know why people are downvoting you for this. You're not wrong. It doesn't mean that he can't improve with a change of scenery, but he has struggled a lot the last while relative to what he's expected to do.
  10. The only thing worse than this trade is the people who think their own opinions are so grand that they deserve a separate thread.
  11. Well it depends on how you define "one of"... but he was top 15 in p/pg among RWers playing a full season last year... and he did it while driving production as opposed to guys like Zuccarello/Oshie/Voracek (all finished ahead of him in p/pg). Your initial post just pejoratively defined him by his size, then you got called out for it, and then you started crying about mods seeing how awful people were being to you.
  12. Losing Eriksson, Beagle, and Roussel are not "holes" that you're going to have trouble filling... those three would combine for like 82 games this upcoming season... you're also assuming the JB would be the GM at that time.
  13. This can be true, but what is also true is that the Canucks could have waited a year, at which point they'd have 13million off the books and could pursue this type of player without giving up assets.
  14. In true Loui fashion, his first ENer will be on opening night as it slides into the back of his own net. He will spend the rest of the season seeking redemption.
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