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  1. Dark Waters: 7.5/10 Only gets a lower rating because I feel like this type of movie has been made several times before. But, the story is so shocking and gross that it warrants being told. Mark Ruffalo was great. Far better than his performance in Spotlight.
  2. Joker was one of the biggest letdown movies of the last 10 years. I'd give it a 6/10, max.
  3. Arrival: 9/10 Should have won best picture in 2016 but lost out on this and other awards due to Oscar-bait movies in Moonlight and La La Land. Extremely intricate way of looking at the process of communication and interpretation of signs/words.
  4. Not to mention that doesn't herd immunity assume that that 70-80% of the population is healthy to begin with (honest question, I legitimately don't know)? What is the obesity rate in the States? Canada isn't that much better either. Can herd immunity be established within a population of generally poor health to begin with?
  5. The risk is actually much much lower than that because most people that actually have COVID-19 aren't tested. I am in no way trying to downplay the severity of the pandemic. I'm just trying to say that the risk of mortality is not that high. I think it will be impossible for players to turn off their competitive juices once things get going. I don't think it will be lame at all.
  6. People acting like the Stanley Cup playoffs are some sacred religious experience. We've had lockout seasons. We've had seasons with 6 teams in the league. We've had seasons where rules changed. The two-line pass. Clutching and grabbing. The trapezoid. Equipment size. No touch icing. The game evolves/adapts. Will winning the Stanley Cup in 2019-2020 be different from past years? Yes. Will it tarnish the meaning of the Cup? No. There should be no asterisk.
  7. And that's fine. I just think that there are a lot of people that take it one step further. They aren't interested in watching hockey, so they don't want anyone else to be able to watch either. I don't know what is wrong with the entitlement of people today (of all ages) that think that because they aren't interested in something, it shouldn't happen/be made. I can't imagine ever taking the time to actively complain about something that I have no intention of watching. What people choose to do with their time is mind boggling.
  8. Can someone explain to me the rationale for not wanting to see the 2019-2020 season play out? I've seen so many people on Twitter whining about hockey continuing... and it doesn't seem like they are concerned about health. Is there anyone on CDC that actually doesn't want to see hockey until the Fall?
  9. I think I was like 8 or 9 when I watched the first one with my Dad. I am so glad that I watched it at that age because I loved it and yet missed like half the jokes. Could get older, re-watch, and find something new to laugh about.
  10. I swear they added a filter onto the Youtube trailer to make it look far more bright and cheerful than reality. It certainly wasn't a laugh out loud movie for me, but I let out a lot of half laughs (don't know what the right word is here)
  11. The Art of Self Defense: 8/10 Extremely dark comedy with Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots (they both starred in another recent movie, Vivarium). For anyone that has ever done any sort of martial art, a lot of scenes will resonate.
  12. Nice idea. Here are my top 10 (instead of doing actual work): 1. The Godfather 2. Dark Knight/Christian Bale Trilogy 3. Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs, etc.) 4. Rocky 5. John Wick 6. James Bond 7. Jason Bourne 8. Naked Gun 9. Lethal Weapon 10. Star Wars (Only if I am allowed to count only the first three made) Honorable mentions: The Matrix, Toy Story, Kill Bill, Jason Bourne, Die Hard * I still haven't seen all the LotR movies, nor the Mad Max series minus the most recent one. ** I didn't
  13. The LA Kings will likely use their compliance buyout on Drew Doughty in order to sign several upcoming RFAs. The team is also looking to recuperate draft picks. My DMs are open. Doughty has a NMC, but as Nail mentioned, NMCs will be waived at the end of the season. When that becomes the case, if anyone had hopes of signing Doughty as a UFA, we could also negotiate a trade that would help you avoid losing out on him if he signs with a different team.
  14. Prisoners: 9.5/10 Denis Villeneuve. Jake Gyllenahl. Hugh Jackman. Maybe one of the more underrated movies of the 2010s. Mad Hugh Jackman is terrifying. Also, great lighting in this movie; something I've really started to pay attention to ever since watching S. 2 of Ozark.
  15. Lmao you need to google how many hotels are in both cities and then let me know what you find. Hint: the downtown core of Vancouver has more than the entirety of Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you looked at Metro Vancouver, there are nearly 3x as many facilities.
  16. Randy Johnson sailed a pitch over and behind Larry Walker's head... So Walker switch-hit and turned his helmet to protect the back of his head:
  17. If three games per day, then Edmonton definitely makes sense given the quality of their ice. The ice quality in Vancouver has been criticized a bit this year.
  18. He also couldn't stay healthy to save his life. Never played a full NHL season.
  19. Edmonton's hotels... are not comparable to Vancouver's...It's silly to think non-tourist destinations like Edmonton and Minnesota have similar infrastructure compared to Vancouver.
  20. I wasn't saying Vancouver should get it because the city needs money, only that as a resident it would be beneficial. Players will only be isolated for 14 days won't they? After which they are free to go outside just like the rest of us. I would think the availability of multiple hotels that can offer services is better than one high-end practice facility that has to be shared across 6-8 teams.
  21. I hope they take the list to the NHLPA. No way that players are choosing Edmonton/Minnesota over Vancouver. The city could use the influx in cash.
  22. Sounds like there is a plan to remake Scarface. I guess I'm now getting old enough to recognize when remakes sound like a horrible idea.
  23. Fighters like Anthony Smith are way too tough to ever come out and tell their corner they don't want to fight anymore. But the guy's body language and eyes said exactly that. He probably shouldn't have went out for that 5th round.
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