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  1. Yeah. I really like Garland. This team is instantly better, I just feel like waiting one year and the moves that would be available to make would be even better than the moves that were made right now.
  2. This. People have such horrible PTSD from the Loui Eriksson deal that they aren't willing to go one more year with him. OEL is definitely an upgrade, but the cap you lose from Eriksson/Beagle/Roussel in just one year is 13 &^@#ING million dollars. You can do so much with that in the 2022 offseason. If Benning does this trade three years ago, he's an absolute God. Doing this trade now is like deciding to have chemotherapy after the cancer is already in remission. You're almost out of the woods, don't go ahead and add more trees.
  3. No, I pay attention to the offseason so that I can be informed as a fan. I'm 34. I was part of the Pavel Bure fanclub when I was like 7 years old. I don't care about being good. I've seen good. I want to see the team I cheer for win one Stanley Cup in my lifetime. I'm willing to go through years of misery if I think it is for all the right reasons. I'm not willing to go through years of mediocrity where we see a competitive team sometimes do well but not actually well enough to win a cup.
  4. Meh. There are toxic fans everywhere. As much as I don't like a lot of management decisions from the Canucks, the Coyotes have been the epitome of a poorly run organization for decades, and the last few years in particular. I'm sure players care more about their relationships with organizations than with fans, since they at least have more control over their interactions with fans.
  5. IMO, yes. Because this team isn't going to compete for a cup for another 4-5 years, so have a cost-controlled pick to round out the bottom 6 fwds/3rd pair defence is exactly what teams need. Does this trade make the Canucks better? Absolutely. Does it make them good enough to compete for a cup? Definitely not. So, you lose a strong player by trading your 9th OA, a depth player in your 2023 2nd rd pick, and you will have a bloated OEL contract when you're ready to start legitimately competing. All Benning had to do was wait one more year to be rid of a lot of the cap t
  6. Someone has to... It is hard to be excited about the product on the ice when it is so far away from being able to contend for the cup. That's why managing the cap is important, because it gets you closer to a point where you can be excited about the on-ice product. I'm not going to be excited about a Flames/Oilers/Leafs-type situation where they perennially underachieve in the postseason. The Canucks had just one year to go before their major cap issues were over. Benning clearly couldn't wait that long and the Aquas wanted that ticket revenue back, and so here we are.
  7. So is Gourde. How'd that work out for Tampa? This continues to be some of the dumbest fan logic in existence. Especially since the league is going smaller, the impact of being a smaller player is less of an issue, especially for a guy that plays with the tenacity of Garland.
  8. Ugh. If this is true, I'm so happy that I didn't renew my season tickets package. EDIT: I should probably hold off speculating, but what worries me is that I feel like AZ really values Garland and so the Canucks' package had to be pretty enticing.
  9. It can also be a product of starting them at a young age. When you're like three years old and right-hand dominant, your left hand is basically useless. So when little kids run around with a small hockey stick, they grip the top with their right hand so they can have some control over the stick, sealing their fate as a left-handed shot.
  10. McDavid doesn't need players to play with. He's good enough for 120+ pts next season with scrubs. Oilers need players that can have success without McDavid. Hyman doesn't give them that, IMO.
  11. We finally got to a point in the negotiation process where Carson said "Se 'attle do". Happy to have him back.
  12. Someone whose self-identity is entirely derived from what a few hundred people on Twitter think of him. Media manipulate this guy into creating drama for the market. Reason number 1,117 for why I no longer have any hockey accounts on Twitter.
  13. I forget what site it is (maybe On the Forecheck) but they take different analyst/website rankings and compare their accuracy against the actual order of the draft and Bob's list is usually the most accurate of all the sites out there. I'm actually pretty surprised that team employees are willing to give their opinions.
  14. Here's a game to play: For each round, pick someone drafted within that round that you think will go higher in the actual NHL draft. You get one point for every spot different (e.g., if pick #100 goes #50 in the real draft, you get 50 pts). You get an extra 5 points if you correctly guess the exact position that someone goes in. I'm not doing the same thing for who I think will go lower in the real draft because that seems kind of mean-spirited. Keep in mind Arizona's forfeited pick when you make your predictions. Here are my picks (first number = where they went in the CDCFL draft
  15. Pick #153. LAK select Jacob/Jake Martin. @Tylez
  16. The LAK select Hunter Strand. @Sludge @lethunder
  17. Good job by Dubas. I like the Dickinson trade, but might get criticized in light of this one.
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