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  1. The LAK select Hunter Strand. @Sludge @lethunder
  2. Good job by Dubas. I like the Dickinson trade, but might get criticized in light of this one.
  3. I don't know why you (not you specifically) would expect every trade to be a home run. It simply can't be given the pieces the team has, the cap situation, and their point in the rebuild. It improves the team, so I'm happy.
  4. People saying "who?" as if they're owning JB are actually just showing they don't really pay attention to the league. This is a useful player and a nice change from JB flipping 2nds for unsuccessful projects.
  5. With the 121st pick, the LAK select, from the Halifax Mooseheads, Robert Orr. I believe @JE14 is next. @Nailhas their list?
  6. This was the most depressing round of all for me... The LAK select Riley Kidney. @Tylez
  7. Canucks just hired the guy who tried to hoard vaccines for members of Hollyburn in West Van. Tone deaf.

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    2. JM_


      how is it desperate? I have no stake in it at all, I just don't see the evidence to call the guy a scumbag or line jumper when thats not a fact in any of the stories. Maybe you have more info. 



    3. Dazzle


      @Jimmy McGillI see what you're saying. I don't condone the cancelling of this dude for doing his job as CEO. He's looking after the business, and he saw this as a way to 'benefit' his membership. The optics of it is bad - there's no denying that. However, calling him a scumbag is an oversimplification I think of the situation.

    4. JM_


      that's all I'm trying to say here. I don't like the quick rush to condemn people these days, particularly on media stories that are often really misleading in the headlines. 


      Apparently this makes me a piece of $&!# around here.

  8. Goes to his Dad's old team. Maybe I'm just getting older, but it seems like a ton of former players have sons who were recently drafted.
  9. With the 89th pick, the LA Kings are proud to select, from the Sherbrooke Phoenix, Joshua Roy. @Art Vandelay
  10. Possible that Weal didn't want to remain in the NHL for cheap.
  11. You're really high on yourself aren't you?
  12. With the #57 pick, the LA Kings are proud to select, from Ässät, Aleksi Heimosalmi. @Mike Vanderhoekis on the clock.
  13. How do people actually like McGregor? Guy is just such a douche.
  14. He won the fight while simultaneously losing the shot at the title.
  15. Another loss for another Firas Zahabi fighter. Not saying he wasn't a good coach for GSP, but he's really lacked success in the last decade. CDN MMA absolutely sucks for both fighters and coaches.
  16. He's definitely done a good job with the whole "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" strategy. I think Dana's popularity is at an all-time low and targeting him is a great way to endear yourself.
  17. With the 23rd pick in the draft the LA Kings select Isak Rosen: I believe the Buffalo Sabres are up next. @donut47
  18. Tough choice IMO between Sakic and Yzerman. Sakic the better playoff performer and Yzerman the better all-round player. Yzerman's best season better than Sakic's best season, but Sakic's best performance came in a more difficult era. Sakic performed better towards the end of his career. Both a bit injury-prone but Stevie Y moreso. Sakic Yzerman Trottier Toews Naslund Doan
  19. Mare of Easttown: 8/10 Did a great job of capturing what it's like to grow up in a small working class town (and not like the shows/movies that try to make some suburb of Boston into some small town). Hacks: 8/10 Jean Smart (also in Mare of Easttown) is so god damn funny. Watched this entirely based on her performance in Mare. It's about a stand-up comic, but it's not really about standup. In fact, I don't really find the stand-up bits that funny (they're a small part of the show) and I think this was done on purpose. It's the interactions between characters that made me laugh.
  20. Heat wave is giving me a sense of what it's like to cut weight.
  21. I'm going to have to wring out my mattress. Just thankful I can bring my dog to work. He is strugggggggling
  22. The last 4 months have been me preparing to buy a house and so I've focused mostly on SPY and MSFT. Took a position in BLNK when it dropped around February but too conservative for the % increase to result in meaningful gains. Cathie Wood's ARKK seems to be crawling back to life.
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