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  1. Expected* list of protected players: Forwards: - Kane - Bjorkstrand - Nelson - Brown - Blackwell - Engvall - TBD Defence: - Orlov - Toews - Karlsson Goalie: - Raanta Backstrom, Trouba, Smith, Talbot, and Jones will all be going to UFA. Carson Soucy is RFA; rights are available. Dermott and Kulak available.
  2. Damon is very promising coming into his prime but we were not going to protect him in the expansion draft and wish him luck in NJ. We're hoping Raanta can stay healthy and be a serviceable 1b for our group.
  3. OP Updated. Sorry to those who normally follow this thread. Dropped the ball this year. If everyone wants to take over for next year, definitely feel free!
  4. The bond this team had from its 19-20 postseason is really impressive. They're always cheering each other on, even if they barely played together (e.g., Toffoli).
  5. Troy from Richmond. My God. 



    CDN Hero.

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      One of the most beautiful OT tallies you'll ever lay eyes on. WOW!

    2. Quantum



  6. &^@#ing predictable NHL reffing. 2-0, emotions high, call a penalty on the team leading to try and settle things down.
  7. BREAKING: Owen Power has asked Eric Lindros' father to be his agent... Assisted by the parents of Mitch Marner and Cody Hodgson.
  8. Matthews just stood around at the top of the crease instead of crashing the net. Zero heart.
  9. People dump on Nonis but the guy basically chose to lose his job over sacrificing the future. Tons of pressure to trade for Brad Richards in TB. The asking price was Schneids, Kesler, and LB. Nonis said no and people kept calling him "No Nuts".
  10. Would be awesome if Vancouver acquired him because I can imagine Petey running the @BoringSeanMonahan Twitter account, which would be hilarious.
  11. Tom Brady and MJ might be assholes, but they still found a way to lead and their teammates followed them. McDavid has only figured out the first part.
  12. Pretty harsh of the DoPS to suspend the guy for the rest of the playoffs.
  13. McDavid is way more talented than Crosby, but his inability to figure out the defensive side of the puck and stay in battles is why I'll never rank him over Sid unless I'm picking a fantasy hockey team. EDIT: Watch the video in the third tweet. McDavid just loses Copp thinking the Oilers are going to exit the zone. 2 seconds later its 4-4.
  14. We've got a pretty close matchup. I think you're up by one point right now. EDIT: and as soon as I say this you pick up 3 goals...
  15. He had so much of Faulk's body to hit too. It was like he came in at a bad angle and Faulk was leaning over the puck... just moronic.
  16. Society is so hypocritical in terms of what drugs are celebrated versus denigrated. Walked by a woman today with a shirt that said "Mamacita needs her Margarita". It's kind of weird that people celebrate how badly they need alcohol but talk that way about virtually any other drug and you're a skid.
  17. I have no idea how I'm doing (LAK) because I have no idea who I'm matched up against lol.
  18. Not that he was ever the most lucid or self-aware, but Tony looked particularly out of it tonight.
  19. First fight of the main card ended with a crazy KO.
  20. Ugggggggh. That noise. But yeah, how tough is he. Pop. Nooooooooo reaction.
  21. This is my favorite fight on the card. Burgos took a small step back against Emmett. Hopefully he's learned to not rely on his toughness alone for defence; he's one of my low-key favorites in the UFC.
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