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  1. One of my buds...long time buds...was gunned down sitting on his own front porch last night....I'm so ******* angry....the asshole who shot him better hope I never find him....goddamn people today....

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      sorry to hear that pal, my nephew was stabbed to death a few days ago too....life means so little to some people...i feel your pain. let's hope justice is done.

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Wow i dont know what to say Highway except that he is in a better place now keepin one cold for you when you finally arrive to that party . Stay strong and do not let the anger turn you man I have been there it is a dark place that takes a long time to climb out of. Have lost 3 family members in last year , one was by a drunk driver and i still cant stop being angry at some point in the day and just want to smash everything around me . Bought a 60 pound heavy bag , best purchase of my life :)

    3. SugarMagnolia


      Unreal. Where's the aloha?

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