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  1. Too damn cold for me, although Hawaii isn't temperate all year round either.

  2. All I needed was some sleep. Thanks for the concern, my friend.

  3. I desperately need a sleep schedule. :(

  4. Yes I did, hentai master ;)

  5. I sincerely apologize for some....not all...of what I said to you yesterday.

  6. Supportive and loyal allies are hard to come by in this day and age. I am honored to fight the battle for common sense along side of you.

  7. The avatar kicks major a** dude.

  8. You are overrated not underrated. And obsolete as well.

  9. Mickey and Bill Kreutzmann are not taking part in the new band, Mick's working with Rhythm Galaxy and Kreutzie's not playing at all. I personally think Furthur is 10 times better than the Grateful Dead ever was....and Kadlecik is twice the singer and just as good a guitar player as Jerry was, IMO.

  10. Am I a genius or a raving lunatic? You decide :P

  11. I and my rational mind heart you too pal. I have risen like the Phoenix from the ashes of the intellectual wasteland known as the God Thread. I'm not playing nice anymore. ;)

  12. Whats up M31. Hope school is going well, dude.

  13. Thanks for the kind words Joe....as far as converting her into a Canuck fan....Mission Accomplished ;)

  14. I may respect you as a human being sir but your beliefs are another matter.

  15. Hey man how about David Booth last night huh? A goal and three assists PLUS 5 PIM he's a fantasy warrior dude! If he gets in the groove I may have a shot at second spot in my league!

  16. Fair enough, but I live in North Carolina and can't stand the Hurricanes. You just get tired of seeing the logo everywhere and the fans are jerks. I guess you don't encounter that in Philly. I do like Carcillo though. Mean as a snake. Gets me PIM.

  17. No one here gives a damn about the Flyers or the Phillies.

  18. Ed you have gained my respect in the last few weeks. I agree with what you said about psychological manipulation. May be the first bit of reality or REAL truth that has ever been suggested in that thread.

  19. Sweetheart your link in the signature is broken, quite possible you will need to try and post it again, more than likely in the bb code for media files. I can show you how to do that if you like. Love you honey.

  20. Hey how ya doing, long time no speak. I just finished up a marathon Scrabble tournament Monday afternoon. I played a total of thirty games in two and a half days and I was absolutely EXHAUSTED when I got home. I think I slept 16 hours, no joke. I finished in 9th out of 34 players in my division, won a total of 75 bucks for my play and high words and stuff like that.

  21. Bet you could dance a cajun rhythm, jump like a Willys in four wheel drive AND be my summer love in the spring fall and winter :);)

  22. JVCG whats the BFD. Where in the blue HELL have you been?

  23. Your esteemed majesty. Right on, buddy. :)

  24. Holy crap dude welcome back! :D

  25. Now I don't know.....but I was told....in the heat of the sun, a man died of cold....keep on going or stand and wait, with the sun so dark and the hour so late......Whats up my man. How's things down Tampa way?

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