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  1. More like a journey into the center of my own mind and finding love in the strangest of places....Internet Scrabble Club for instance. How you been? :)

  2. Hey bud haven't heard from you in a while, just wondered what you'd been getting into.

  3. Hey now. "I know I'm gonna shine........" And I'll call down thunder and speak the same......and my word fills the sky with flame.....and might and glory gonna be my name....

  4. Eh. Yes....the Panthers are all over the news here, and the newspapers, and everything else. I hate them. Almost as much as I do the Hurricanes. :P

  5. I like college basketball though. Go Duke. and the Mets in baseball.

  6. Mostly because I hate football. lol.

  7. No I reside in North Carolina, and am a huge Canucks fan, therefore CarolinaCanucklehead. :)

  8. New year's treating me very well, my friend....I have met a woman who shares my same interests and we are madly in love with each other....Yeah I wondered, dude cause I hadn't seen you in a while...you doing ok?

  9. Thanks for the kind words, friend. Things are better than they ever have been in my whole life. I'm a completely new person. Cheers.

  10. My resolutions were very few....but the one I made about causing less controversy is still a good one. I met someone New Year's Eve and she seems to be my soulmate. I know I know.....can't plan for the future and all that stuff. But, she did listen to the story of the Schrodinger's Cat thing and then tell me she loved me. Seems like it to me. ;)

  11. Post some more dude :P

  12. Miles mean so little.

  13. No but my girlfriend has a webcam and I'd much rather talk with her, thanks.

  14. Pics or it didn't happen.

  15. Jesus is a figment of your imagination.

  16. Another inquiring mind who no doubt simply seeks the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed your input in the God Thread yesterday/last night whenever it was. Sometimes that place can get a bit crazy.

  17. Happy New Year, bud.

  18. You called it, my man. I saw your "they're coming back" status update. True blue fan that's what you are :)

  19. I've been battling a bit of chronic indigestion ever since the beginning of December, but other than that I've been doing ok. I've been watching a lot of AronRa's youtube stuff and checking out the Non-prophets radio show from time to time....Sometimes I have to wonder just how old some of these people in the God Thread really are, you know what I mean?

  20. What's up Luigi. How was your holiday, man? :)

  21. You act as if you're surprised. Been a fan since I was about 3....which coincidentally was also the Mets' last World Series title. :D

  22. Well M31 seems like the God Squad has their old band back together. This should be an interesting few months. *groan*

  23. just some stones and stuff my mom collected.

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