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  1. I stuck around long enough to let you know how appreciative I have been of your friendship and advice over the past few months. I believe wholeheartedly I am spending too much time on the internet, and so I am going to take an indefinite break.

  2. Shuttle launch is on schedule for July 11th. Sorry I haven't been around much I've been studying the theory of General Relativity and haven't had time for CDC

  3. Just wondering if you may be interested in purchasing a brand new Authentic Nate Robinson Road jersey.......msg me if you are interested.

  4. Shuttle Launch tomorrow at 5am EST......hope you're able to catch it, I won't miss it ;)

  5. either Canadians or a White Russian or two.....not picky....

  6. live long and prosper, my friend :)

  7. I believe you and I have come to a bit of an understanding today.....I seem to be able to communicate better when I can consult evidenciary sources....instead of inferences....

  8. Nice to meet a fellow skeptic/non-believer/Canucks fan :)

  9. It's almost pointless around here.....I'm the only one who actually cares about anyone else......I feel alone.

  10. Hey man...making napalm in the microwave ought to qualify me as an amateur chemist....don't you think? ;)

  11. I really envy you, being able to say that you have been a fan of the Canucks since their NHL inception....I really respect you and the other "grassroots" fans on this board....but sometimes I don't think before I post and that's what happened in the Bernier thread. I'd love to have him back, but I wouldn't want to miss out on the Twins because of his salary.

  12. To answer your question, my Schizo-Affective is very mild, but I still have the cycles I alluded to in my pm.

  13. Viva La Relativity! So glad to find another intellectual I can discuss Einstein and others like him with. Nice to have met you :)

  14. I'm curious about your username. Does it have anything to do with Yes's song Your Move/I've Seen All Good People in any way? There's a repeating line in it that goes Cause is Time and something else but I just wondered.

  15. wellwood = extremely underrated....I am glad to see him playing well.

  16. you should check out the documentary Zeitgeist if you haven't already....it will blow your mind.....

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