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  1. Satan never got a chance to tell his side of the story. He was unfairly cast out of heaven, all this after actually being a favorite of god's, because he refused to side with him, didn't want to be committed to him. He at least deserves to have his story told.

  2. Bet you could dance a cajun rhythm, jump like a Willys in four wheel drive AND be my summer love in the spring fall and winter :);)

  3. haha you know what? I am really starting to like you :)

  4. haha I think you misinterpret what I said...I have always liked and admired you...but do you know how hard it is to find a woman who likes Futurama as much as I do? ;)

  5. I know all of the episodes and three of the four movies almost verbatim....sometimes it's not fun anymore...but it's always funny.

    "Is the space pope reptilian?"

  6. "ugh, bender....you didn't touch the Crushinator, did you?" "of course not...a lady that fine you gotta romance first."

  7. Fair enough, but I live in North Carolina and can't stand the Hurricanes. You just get tired of seeing the logo everywhere and the fans are jerks. I guess you don't encounter that in Philly. I do like Carcillo though. Mean as a snake. Gets me PIM.

  8. why don't you go back to ESPN's message board and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out?

  9. You should choose the most unlikely fourth line player from a perennial loser so you don't keep getting jinxed. or hell why not Phil Kessel.

  10. Sweetheart your link in the signature is broken, quite possible you will need to try and post it again, more than likely in the bb code for media files. I can show you how to do that if you like. Love you honey.

  11. Holy crap dude welcome back! :D

  12. I live an hour from Charlotte, birthplace of WWW back in the old days....Mike Lockwood (Crash Holly) actually had a wrestling school in the town I live in now....

  13. yeah born in 83, so I guess circa 1988. Loved the Road Warriors. Developed an affinity for Eastern(later Extreme) Championship Wrestling

  14. JVCG whats the BFD. Where in the blue HELL have you been?

  15. Lemmy is the man....unfortunately people down here in bumf*** North Carolina don't agree.

  16. my god I think I really screwed up taking Hartnell in my pool.

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