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  1. Flames and Oilers both win....

  2. Street hustler comes up to me one day And I'm walkin' down the street, mindin' my own business Now he looks me up and he looks me down and says "Hey man, what be this" and "What be that" and "Why you gotta look like that?" Well I just looked at him, I kinda laughed, I said Hey man, I am cool, I am the Breeze

  3. what, me worry? awesome pic.

  4. Flaming youth...will set the world on fire.....

  5. Whew....keeping the Panthers out of the end zone....good idea...23-6 final....:)

  6. Rock and Roll over, baby....;)

  7. Congrats Hank...you deserve it!

  8. Gamecocks took down Alabama earlier today....All I need now is a Canucks win tonight and a Bears win tomorrow for the perfect weekend. :)

  9. Man Ryan Miller is getting shelled tonight...it's 5-1 now....

  10. damn a hat trick for Derek Stepan in his debut game...way to go kid!

    1. HighwayToHell


      impressive I saw all three goals...the first one was a wacky bounce...the other two were pretty....

  11. Leopold with a howitzer and the Sabres cut the lead in half....

  12. Puck bounces off Avery's skate past Miller 1-0 Rangers....

    1. canuck2xtreme


      Strange, that kind of thing was no goal in the first round last year...

    2. HighwayToHell


      it has opened the door a bit, as it is now 2-0 BlueShirts.

    3. HighwayToHell


      they gave the first goal to the rookie Stepan...

  13. Extra...Extra...read all about it....Vancouver Canucks tried for attempted regicide.....

    1. Zing!


      Attempted? Now really what is that? Do people get a noble prize for attempted chemistry?

    2. HighwayToHell


      hahaha it'll be a conviction after tonight :)

  14. Stand up, you don't have to be afraid, get down - love is like a hurricane Street boy, no I never could be tamed, better believe it Guilty 'til I'm proven innocent, whiplash, heavy metal accident Rock on, I wanna be President, 'cos I love it loud, I wanna hear it loud, right between the eyes Loud, I wanna hear it loud, I don't wanna compromise

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    2. HighwayToHell


      the last...oh i dunno..THREE "farewell" tours...I have been in the crowd....Peter's lucky to have survived his cancer, and Ace is far too religious now to party like he used to.

    3. 2 Sedins 1 cup

      2 Sedins 1 cup

      In Ace's case maybe that is a good thing. haha

    4. HighwayToHell


      well, having a near-death experience after 15-25 years of alcohol abuse, then having the docs legally declare you dead will change just about anyone...

  15. sugar and I are both going through a lot...albeit separately...but she still holds my heart.

  16. NHL season is finally here :)

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    2. -DLC-
    3. wolftrap


      better than xmas

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      I am disappointed in you :( you got the song wrong will post lyrics again see if anyone gets it :)

  17. I don't wanna romance, I don't wanna dance, I just wanna forget you....Time to take my chances, find somebody new...I just wanna f.....I just wanna f....I just wanna forget you....

  18. Welcome to the abandoned land....come on in child, take my hand...here there's no work or play...only one bill to pay...there's just five words to say as you go down, down, down......

    1. Terran


      baby are you down, down, down, down, down

    2. HighwayToHell


      You're gonna burn in hell.

  19. The cast comes off tomorrow. :)

  20. Now I have you with me, under my power Our love grows stronger now with every hour Look into my eyes, you will see who I am My name is Lucifer, please take my hand Oh yeah! Follow me now and you will not regret Leaving the life you led before we met You are the first to have this love of mine Forever with me till the end of time....

    1. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      My name is Lucifer, please take my hand .... :P

    2. HighwayToHell


      your love for me has just got to be real......therefore you know the way I'm going to feel.....

  21. It's not unpardonable....muhahaha. O-line fell asleep, pure and simple...two FGs will not cut it (unless you're Josh Scobee from the Jags) I knew the luck had to run out eventually.

  22. You forget premium squares...cheers.

  23. Never been so amped for the beginning of an NHL season.

    1. -AJ-


      no kidding. Sky's the limit for this year.

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Let's get this party ROCKIN'

  24. Rinne blanks Caps 3-0

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