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  1. You forget premium squares...cheers.

  2. Things could be a lot better. Only thing going well so far is school. I stayed away from Thanksgiving today because of an ongoing feud with my aunt over religion. How are things with you? I'm hoping we can shellac the Kings tonight at GM Place. Hard to believe sometimes I stay up till 2am watching the Canucks play most home games. Looking forward to seeing them live in Raleigh on December 5. :)

  3. Man if people didn't get the innuendos in the two albums previous to it, Turbo certainly answered any questions they had eh. I bring up Priest because my bud let me talk to Glenn Tipton on the phone the other day. I thanked him for the awesome music and he told me to keep rockin.

  4. wellwood = extremely underrated....I am glad to see him playing well.

  5. Pretty good....I left so abruptly last night because my DSL cut out and then I found out my computer may have a virus on it, so I'm communicating with you via my mom's computer. I wanted to apologize for leaving so abruptly.

  6. Hopefully having my brother fix whats wrong with my computer, and then....not much of anything....if you want to play :)

  7. Well how about just you and me.....meet me on pogo and I'll set one up in Chip Shop. Would give us a chance to talk amongst ourselves for a little bit :)

  8. Well I guess we all know now what 6 days of being without sleep can do to the human mind and any of the faculties therein. I apologize for what you saw.

  9. Gee thanks a lot Vlad. I usually try to put a good bit of thought and analysis in most of what I post in there....but it's like arguing with children. I don't know why I keep hanging around either....maybe I crave amusement.

  10. Hey Vlad. Welcome back. haha.

  11. hello again. still on mom's computer. i will have to have windows completely reinstalled on mine. Just glad my music was saved. I didn't lose any of it. That would NOT have been good.

  12. Many Happy Returns on your birthday. :)

  13. Anytime you need a Scrabble partner, or want to get together for a Scrabble three-way even, pm either me or Spectre and let's do it :)

  14. it's not that I don't know the game is being played, it's because I just don't care :P

  15. Many happy returns.

  16. Too damn cold for me, although Hawaii isn't temperate all year round either.

  17. You do realize Stephen Hawking is non-religious himself, right?

  18. I am back on my own computer. If you feel up to it later on, how about some Scrabble on pogo? Happy Holidays :)

  19. bb what the hell is going on dude? :worried:

  20. I sincerely apologize for some....not all...of what I said to you yesterday.

  21. Yes I did, hentai master ;)

  22. Lemmy is the man....unfortunately people down here in bumf*** North Carolina don't agree.

  23. I may respect you as a human being sir but your beliefs are another matter.

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