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  1. Things could be a lot better. Only thing going well so far is school. I stayed away from Thanksgiving today because of an ongoing feud with my aunt over religion. How are things with you? I'm hoping we can shellac the Kings tonight at GM Place. Hard to believe sometimes I stay up till 2am watching the Canucks play most home games. Looking forward to seeing them live in Raleigh on December 5. :)

  2. wellwood = extremely underrated....I am glad to see him playing well.

  3. Connection crapped out and then Java stopped working. I'm frustrated as hell. Pogo is a great place to play but it comes with a lot of hassle. Sweet dreams when you go to bed ;)

  4. you know....if that's your actual picture I just saw when I clicked on your name....then anyone who thinks you're an "ugly whore" as you said they did.....has got blinders on.

  5. I happen to be hot for intelligent smartly attractive women. Not my fault you base things on looks alone. ;)

  6. Creeping is such an ugly word.....how about admiring? ;) Cos That's really what I'm doing. :)I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Justine. :)

  7. Ed you have gained my respect in the last few weeks. I agree with what you said about psychological manipulation. May be the first bit of reality or REAL truth that has ever been suggested in that thread.

  8. No I reside in North Carolina, and am a huge Canucks fan, therefore CarolinaCanucklehead. :)

  9. Nice to meet a fellow skeptic/non-believer/Canucks fan :)

  10. Pretty good....I left so abruptly last night because my DSL cut out and then I found out my computer may have a virus on it, so I'm communicating with you via my mom's computer. I wanted to apologize for leaving so abruptly.

  11. Hopefully having my brother fix whats wrong with my computer, and then....not much of anything....if you want to play :)

  12. Well how about just you and me.....meet me on pogo and I'll set one up in Chip Shop. Would give us a chance to talk amongst ourselves for a little bit :)

  13. Mostly because I hate football. lol.

  14. I like college basketball though. Go Duke. and the Mets in baseball.

  15. hello again. still on mom's computer. i will have to have windows completely reinstalled on mine. Just glad my music was saved. I didn't lose any of it. That would NOT have been good.

  16. Many Happy Returns on your birthday. :)

  17. Anytime you need a Scrabble partner, or want to get together for a Scrabble three-way even, pm either me or Spectre and let's do it :)

  18. Bandwagoners are simply that....and not fans in the first place. They generally show their true colors during a losing streak or after Lou lets in two or three bad goals. ;)

  19. Just wondering if you may be interested in purchasing a brand new Authentic Nate Robinson Road jersey.......msg me if you are interested.

  20. I am back on my own computer. If you feel up to it later on, how about some Scrabble on pogo? Happy Holidays :)

  21. Go to HELL Carolina Go to Hell! Whoo Whoo! :)

  22. Hello my friend :). Thanks for the profile visit. Looking forward to our next three-way....whenever you are interested that is. Was a pleasure to finally get to talk to you outside of the CDC setting. Hope we can do it again real soon. :)

  23. New year's treating me very well, my friend....I have met a woman who shares my same interests and we are madly in love with each other....Yeah I wondered, dude cause I hadn't seen you in a while...you doing ok?

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