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  1. New MAiden album is very disappointing.

  2. I was very disappointed by the new Maiden album The Final Frontier. Waste of my money.

  3. If It's Too Loud, Youre Too Old! With that being said, good night.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      sorry for that.....i'll try and get younger

  4. If you like to gamble, I tell ya I'm your man....you win some, lose some it's all the same to me.....

  5. Noise ordinances suck major. I hate this country.

  6. Just bored out of my goddamn mind this place is SO tedious and the people are numbskulls.

  7. man chances are I'll be drinking absinthe when he calls so I can't promise a damn thing lol

  8. Got a bud who lives over near Kent in the UK now, he's good friends with Jimmy Page. Jimmy's gonna get in touch with Lemmy sometime this week and he's gonna call me on my bud's cell....I can't wait.

  9. Blasting "Stone Deaf In The USA" with both doors open and smoking a Dutch Master.....

  10. I need a drink. Hello Guinness.

  11. I got the medicine you need....I got the power I got the speed....I'll find out how to stop your clock..we sure ain't talkin' Dr. Spock...hear me talkin'...Dr. Rock...

  12. You should choose the most unlikely fourth line player from a perennial loser so you don't keep getting jinxed. or hell why not Phil Kessel.

  13. So freaking wasted......

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      I don't blame him. He has to live in North Carolina. =P

    2. HighwayToHell


      absinthe tastes very sweet....but i probably shouldnt have had the whole thing at once...didn't have a spoon or sugar cubes...ah well...

    3. Venom52


      I almost had to live in North Carolina. Would have been sweet to watch the Canes play live instead of on tv.

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  14. Absinthe, you are my muse.

    1. STooPeD


      dude absinthe is scary crap... i took 3 shots of that and i was done.

  15. I will soon be in the embrace of the Green Fairy.....

  16. Apathy was dead. I'm bringing it back.

    1. Shift-4


      Apathy is the easy way out.

    2. HighwayToHell
    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      they were a great native race once.....cochise.....

  17. Lemmy For President!

    1. BedBeats™2.0
    2. 23•Qwerty


      British people can't be President. :3

  18. Fosters....Australian for beer......

  19. Fosters and Motorhead....not quite Newcastle but the stupid convenience stores here don't carry it.

  20. Not a phase. Freedom. She's gone, and good riddance. I can be myself again.

  21. Man they banned my clove cigs here....apparently anything even remotely enjoyable is taboo here in the South.

    1. BedBeats™2.0


      WTF?! On what premise?!!

  22. Born to lose, live to win

  23. Atheism cures religious terrorism.

    1. ronningsback


      need a little atheism then to cure us of all these Luongo religious fanatics..

  24. Well I guess we all know now what 6 days of being without sleep can do to the human mind and any of the faculties therein. I apologize for what you saw.

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