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  1. This grind is a disgrace. Games are completely pointless. And yet I continue to watch.
  2. I have liked the look of him but I have noticed a tendency to overpass instead of shooting the puck this game. Rookie nerves I imagine.
  3. I think the Canucks have largely ceased to see the point of this charade of a road trip full of make up games. Engaged when they are in a tight game but nothing left left in the tank for mounting comebacks.
  4. It is only like cancel culture in that your phony sense of persecution is equally a load of horse $&!#e. Every other post is negative right now and no one is being censored or chastised. Some are essentially saying “don’t worry about it” or “the team is out of gas” and that’s about it from what I can see.
  5. Not minding them losing as long as they are playing well. Getting an amazing chance to test out some of the building blocks for next years depth and won’t complain if we draft high. Graovac has earned a spot on the 4th line along with Big Mac next year.
  6. Some serious skill on display by Graovac the last couple of games. Those were skilled goals, not just luck or grit.
  7. Absolutely loved Graovac since he joined our team. Hope he is on the team as a regular next year.
  8. Ontario. Watching on Gamecentre Live and they gave me the damn oilers feed.
  9. Finally caught up on this game but stuck listening to the awful Edmonton commentators. Amazing how they can ruin a game where we score 5 goals.
  10. I am kicking myself for not managing to make it to any Utica games, despite it being a not unreasonable drive from Ottawa.
  11. I attend a lot of sales conference and work with lots of young and attractive women (common for sales positions in my industry). Many of them have hung out in my hotel room and had a few drinks or even crashed the night in a separate bed on occasion. I would say this has happened maybe 15-20 times. Some of them I didn’t know for very long or very well. I am a heterosexual man and certainly attracted to women. And yet, on ZERO of those occasions have I tried anything on or assaulted anyone. They trust me for a reason, because I am worthy of trust. These women were not idiots or deserv
  12. The resurgence took place only in his pants, and entirely when it shouldn’t. Should have kept his stick on the ice. The church is closed until further notice.
  13. New Username Suggestions

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    2. goalie13


      Or, stick with the V.  VforVervergaert.  VforVaic.  VforVrbata.  VforVanek.  So many to choose from.

    3. Cromeslab


      1915 had a good one,VforVictory imo

    4. Coconuts









  14. I don’t wish to make light of this situation in any way but it does seem fitting and ironic that basing the Church of V on the Catholic Church has ended like this. Brought down by a sex scandal.
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