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  1. Eklund is excommunicated. I might even perform an exorcism if this nonsense keeps up.
  2. From the Province: “I thought he worked and competed hard in the playoffs. He scored that big goal for us in Game 6. To be perfectly honest with you, though, I was expecting more from Jake in the playoffs,” Benning said on Sportsnet 650 on Tuesday afternoon. “He can skate, he’s strong. He can get to the net. He’s a guy we’re going to have to talk about here going forward. We’ve been patient with him in his development, but he’s a guy I was expecting to produce more for us.” I listened to the interview and I thought it was intended more as saying that they can get more out of him going forward. They expect more from him. Not that they were giving up on him.
  3. Only genius if his goal was to sign him for less, which I believe was his goal all along.
  4. Taking notes and taking names for excommunication from the Church of V once Shotgun signs a new affordable contract with the Canucks and pots in another 20 goals next season.
  5. I think y’all are getting fooled by Slick Jim Benning’s trickery. I think Benning wants Jake as a 3rd or 4th liner who can play up when needed. He wants to pay him accordingly though. I think with many of these players Benning is playing the kind man’s hardball. He knows that Jake wants to play here but doesn’t want to have to pay the Qualifying offer. He is dangling the threat of moving on to get a better deal. I predict Jake will sign a cheap contract as Benning calls his bluff.
  6. It felt to me like virtually everything Benning said was to lower the cost of signing these guys. He knows that Van is going to be a desirable place to play and he is trying to bring the cost down with a shrug as to whether we need to sign them or not.
  7. To me Jake just played the way you expect most young players to play in a first big playoff run. Similar to Gaudette. In over their heads but they will learn from this. I think we are so spoiled by players like Petterson and Hughes who are gods among me that we forget this is the normal trajectory for most players. Folks give up too easily. We need speed, size and goal scoring ability. He may be exactly the type of players we need for our bottom six in future.
  8. I missed the GDT and I feel like I landed in bizarro world. You do all realize just how good the team we were playing is right? We came one bounce away from beating them and people are whining like our team didn’t show up? Vegas was crapping their pants with it tied 0-0! Get over yourselves!
  9. Notice how the usernames are mostly ones you have never seen before? I certainly have. Crawled out from under their bridges to complain about one of the most legendary runs in Canucks history. And only the beginning for this amazing hard working young team.
  10. Canucks will get the win tomorrow. One day off then I will see many sinners in the Church of V on Sunday looking for forgiveness.
  11. This better be one of those “wins you didn’t deserve” games. Amazing it is still nil-nil.
  12. Pretty clear this team is playing nervous. They know what Vegas is capable of and know what is at stake. I don’t think it is lack of effort so much as fear of making a mistake.