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  1. My honest opinion is that Virtanen will have a better year next year regardless of which team he is on. Much of the disappointment lies in a combination of a genuinely bad year and heightened expectations based on his draft position. I will point out he was far from alone in having a bad year this year, but is strangely singled out among the many disappointing performances. I think he can be an occasionally streaky and entertaining 3rd liner on a good team, and that's good enough for me. That opinion hasn't really changed even though he has been bad this year.
  2. Prepare yourselves for the resurgence of Virtanen. Took a step back this year. I think he still has the capacity to surprise us.
  3. I will point out it is moving down a round in the most random draft in league history. With no scouting going on, one would think that some teams are going to strike gold in unexpected places. The draft order will matter less than ever this year.
  4. Orwell didn't say it, but you do bring to mind a quote: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt." Please keep your neocon buzzwords out of a hockey thread.
  5. Bingo. Imagine the usual refrain of "why did Benning let x player go for nothing!" if he didn't take what was available in this depressed market.
  6. Much like they clearly stated no one would be traded. Don’t think a team announcement adds much credence to either side of the speculation. What else are they going to say?
  7. A few thoughts: - I never cease to be amazed that CDC acts like covid doesn’t exist and doesn’t have an unplanned for impact on things like the salary cap and player value. We are the Typhoid Mary of the NHL right now and even for other teams the value they are getting for trades is very low right now. No one is paying full value for trades. I’m amazed we were able to trade anyone at all. From a player to player value perspective Chicago obviously won that trade, but from a team needs perspective I think the right decision was made to move on from Gaudette and I am conten
  8. I had not paid any attention to hockey while the Canucks were out and was astounded to just now discover how poorly the Habs have done lately. We have a chance here. The fact that is even possible, even if unlikely, has me absolutely gobsmacked.
  9. Look on the bright side! This schedule can only be good for our draft position! ;-)
  10. Should have been more clear. I mean that IF they were intent on resigning Pearson, this is an ownership friendly way to do it. If nothing else it pushes the $ cost into the future when Aqua probably expects to have recovered financially.
  11. I suspect this is a contract to please ownership and address some of the money they are losing. Bait for Seattle and if they take him they get to pay his bonuses out in the final year. cheaper now with the hope they won’t pay later.
  12. Frustrating game. We win the next one and there is still hope. We lose and even I think we might be done.
  13. Y’all keep declaring this team done. How many times are we playing a must win game? We need to win most of our games. One of the other teams will fall back.
  14. Here’s the thing. Montréal was not the team we were likely to catch with so many games in hand. I knew it would be tough to beat them two in a row. Keep at it and we will catch Edmonton or Winnipeg. We don’t have to play Montréal again so hopefully they go on a tear and win some games against those other teams.
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