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  1. I had not paid any attention to hockey while the Canucks were out and was astounded to just now discover how poorly the Habs have done lately. We have a chance here. The fact that is even possible, even if unlikely, has me absolutely gobsmacked.
  2. Look on the bright side! This schedule can only be good for our draft position! ;-)
  3. Should have been more clear. I mean that IF they were intent on resigning Pearson, this is an ownership friendly way to do it. If nothing else it pushes the $ cost into the future when Aqua probably expects to have recovered financially.
  4. I suspect this is a contract to please ownership and address some of the money they are losing. Bait for Seattle and if they take him they get to pay his bonuses out in the final year. cheaper now with the hope they won’t pay later.
  5. Frustrating game. We win the next one and there is still hope. We lose and even I think we might be done.
  6. Y’all keep declaring this team done. How many times are we playing a must win game? We need to win most of our games. One of the other teams will fall back.
  7. Here’s the thing. Montréal was not the team we were likely to catch with so many games in hand. I knew it would be tough to beat them two in a row. Keep at it and we will catch Edmonton or Winnipeg. We don’t have to play Montréal again so hopefully they go on a tear and win some games against those other teams.
  8. Virtanen scores. CBC uses the word resurgence. What more could I ask for, other than a win?
  9. I stay up late all the time for Canucks games but this one is too late for me here in Ottawa.
  10. I mean, that totally sounds like a resurgence to me. Wouldn’t you agree @rychicken?
  11. I think Craig Simpleton is going to have a bit of a cry when the game is over.
  12. You mean like he did last year? So if he finishes strong you will confess your sins at the Church of V? ;-) I can make you the official choir boy. Doesn’t seem like you have much to lose by agreeing to that.
  13. Hope everyone is ready to do some shotgunning tonight. Tonight is the night for Jake's resurgence!
  14. Resurgence. 

  15. Save that for confessional on Sunday. Bring "holy water". Preferably a six pack.
  16. In not anywhere nearly before everyone starts complaining that Jake doesn't play like this every game.
  17. Sorry gang. Pretty sure I was the problem tonight. I missed the game yesterday and we played well. I didn’t want to jinx it tonight but felt some FOMO and started watching and the rest is history. Jake’s resurgence will have to wait another game. My bad.
  18. Is there something he and Myers aren’t telling us about their family history?
  19. Oops forgot to post this earlier: Hope everyone is ready to do some shotgunning tonight. Tonight is the night for Jake's resurgence!
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