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  1. Man our center depth really being tested early with Sutter, Dickinson, and Dowling all out. All very good defensive centers too.
  2. Who holds the current longest streak in the NHL?
  3. The team lacks any sense of creativity for offense. They look like robots who have been coached out of their creativity, and preprogrammed to follow dump and chases. The defense doesn't look much different overall in terms of how they play. Too many run and gun with little attention to actually making a sound/safe play. The stars in Pettersson, Miller, and Boeser look lost out there. Not sure continual play together will get them out of this funk. The magic for the lotto line has disappeared and they look like strangers on the ice.
  4. It seriously seems like the creativity and offensive ability has been coached out of the star players. They look like robots out there without any soul in their game. Not impressed with this effort tonight.
  5. Is it just me but Anthony Stewart's analysis is as shallow as a kiddie pool? Makes statements but offers very little substance for analysis.
  6. Loving what I'm seeing from Bailey and Highmore. Not loving Chiasson and Poolman's game tonight. They are really fighting the puck tonight.
  7. Would like to see Podkolzin have some continuity with linemates. Ever since stepping in he has been on a full rotation of trios which is no help to a young player. Like they did for Horvat where they basically sandwiched him between Dorsett and Hansen, they need to be intentional in putting him with a veteran and leaving him with that player to help bring him a long and help develop his confidence. If you want him with Miller, leave him with Miller, if you want him with Dickinson than leave him with him. Real shame that Brandon Sutter is ill and unable to play at the moment due recovering from long covid. He would've been a perfect mentor for Podz.
  8. I really hope with Bailey being called up, it opens more room for Klimovich in the top six. He has been married to John Stevens since training camp. Stevens is a great veteran to bring along young players but is limited in his offensive creativity. Would like to see Klim get run with either Focht or Petan.
  9. Man Canucks really short on PK players now. Miller is going to take on an even bigger role there. Hope they manage his minutes well.
  10. Zlodeyev has been bouncing around a lot from starting in the KHL to the VHL and now to the MHL. Big issue has been his ability to stay healthy.
  11. If true man he would be a huge boost to have back in the lineup soon. I like Burroughs though in what he has done with his time here.
  12. I think its tougher to start when they don't have a natural center there to take draws. By default my mind says maybe Pearson and maybe Boeser (as he did often for UND in college). Would be nice if they moved a center to that unit like Bo or Miller.
  13. I like the look of that second unit a lot tbh. Could easily role two PP units without much trouble.
  14. Pettersson's game was worrisome. Demko, Garland, Bo all look like they are in midseason form.
  15. Pettersson is not worth his contract. Quinn has done everything to live up to his deal, Petey has not.
  16. Can this team actually win with this group? Starting to question this core we have here. The compete level simply hasnt been good enough.
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