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  1. So it's all but confirmed that season 8 will be coming out in 2019. Liam Cunningham gave a interview were he said that they are filming into summer 2018.
  2. Could be, I think that's too predictable but what do I know lol. I think both Dany and Jon live.
  3. I thought Rhaegar was excentally cast, it is mentioned in the book that Viserys looks like scrawny Rhaegar. I definitely think that Tyrion made a deal with Cersei, this would also play into the prophecy that Dany will be betrayed 3 times. This one would be for love, as in Tyrions love for his family. Aiden Gillen was absolutely fantastic in his death scene, amazing. Loved how they shot Jons reveal, with him and Dany. Especially when Bran says about Rhaegar that "he loved her." and it shows Jon. "And she loved him." Dany looking at Jon.
  4. FFP was never going to solve anything to begin with. PSG can just make some shady deal with a Qatari "company" to negate any losses that might show up on their books.
  5. La Liga is rejecting the money for Neymars buyout clause, because they believe PSG can't afford him without breaking FFP. Lol
  6. I usually just PVR it on whatever channel it's on, but I just downloaded the MUTV app for my phone which they show each United game 24 hours after first broadcast.
  7. I just want Jones vs Gustafsson 2, been waiting 3 years for that lol. Toughest fight Jones has ever had, and depending on who you ask but some say he lost.
  8. It would just be a bad matchup for Lesnar, look at his fight vs Overeem, the same thing would happen. Plus JBJ is way better than Overeem.
  9. Didn't even see/hear about that. Just stupid really, Brock isn't a great fighter and I'd be surprised if he didn't get popped by USADA again.
  10. Now he calls out Lesnar wtf. Please UFC don't hold up 2 weight divisions.
  11. I just dislike JBJ so much lol. Hopefully we finally get Jones vs Gustafsson 2.
  12. Apparently during HT of the CL final, Alves and Bonucci didn't think Dybala was giving his all and were giving him stick. Than apparently Barzagli stepped or something and Bonucci slapped him. That's just a rumour, but it's well known Allegri and Bonucci don't get along.
  13. Apparently Bonucci to Milan for €40M plus De Sciglio. Walker to City for £50M
  14. Well United actually spent more on Pogba last year, in addition to getting Mkhitaryan and Bailly so I think we will be fine. United posted a revenue of something like £500M which is the most in world football.
  15. Ya but United don't complete transfers in USD, so it's a bit pointless
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